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How much do you gain by moving up the plan?

Hi peeps! Was just wondering, when you start incorporating food back into your diet (and carbs) how much, on average, do gain back in glycogen? I was thinking if I get to target, maybe I should go a few pounds lower to leave allowance for the glycogen weight that'll come back....

But then again I heard that people still lose as they move up the plan and in that case, does one start at goal or before goal? I'm so confused :confused:
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For foods as in 810plan you can gain a bit of stomach... inside..ness!! (HAHA!) For glycogen / carbs I regained 3,3lbs waterweight (really water weight, CDCs scales said so haha) but it varies per person really!! I thought 2-3lbs when you start eating carbs again!

I still lost while going up plans / calorie steps etc. so don't worry about that hon! If you stick to the steps and you'll be fine, promise! :)

Hiya Lostris, thanks for the info. Abou how much did you lose as you went up the plans? I don't want to look too thin for my wedding. I hope to lose another 10lbs so should I start moving up the plans now or when I reach the 10lb loss? And if I wait then will I lose more weight by the wedding??? Help meeeeeeee! I have LOTS of questions for my CDC... :D


Serena's title didn't fit
Umm, honestly I'm not 100% sure but I think I was 69.4 and am now 67.9 so err.. 1.5 kg so 3,3 lbs? LOL. Which was fat as my CDCs scales went down that much in fat last time I had WI at CDC. Next WI is on the 21st :) I started losing again on the higher kcal step 1200. Think it's because I got used to carbs again on 1000 so I had to stabilise that.

Think it varies per person though. Hope this sorta answers your question...

I am assuming you're on 810 now? Next step would be introducing carbs. I think it depends on what you want and what you can handle really. Going up the steps can be quite a struggle (talking to yourself !! :D) and it may be nice to have overcome the foodstruggle when you're getting married ;-)

On the other hand you could do 810 for a bit longer though.. It all depends on you!!

Good luck making these choices!



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Expensive ones. My CDCs one was 1600 euro's or something??


Trying to stay positive..
when i moved to 1000kcal i lost more than when i was doing 810:) i definitely didn't lose anything on 1500kcal, can't remember if i lost anything when i was on 1200kcal. since finishing CD i lost around 4-5lbs more, and stayed pretty much the same for the past few months. i don't remember gaining anything when going up the plans.
I did 810 for two weeks and lost 4 lbs I moved up ten days ago to 1000 and lost 1lb, doing another ten days on 1000 to see if I continue to loose. I want to loose another half stone so may go back to 810 if the weight doesnt continue to come off....
Expensive ones. My CDCs one was 1600 euro's or something??
I don't think this is 100% accurate as I have a pair of these scales and paid only 20 quid for them . They work by sending some kind of electro stream up your body , and with water , muscle and fat having different densities , it is possible for them to calculate a measurement , however , they are never 100% accurate . Including your cdcs. Although possible to record an accurate weight to a very close degree of accuracy , you tend to find with the water,fat, muscle scales, the results have a larger margain of error. They are however handy for a general idea of what is being gained and lost where. But If you're wanting to buy a pair have a look on ebay, that's where I got mine , though a lot of health and fitness type websites affiliate with places that sell them - For much cheaper than 1600 euro. More like 20 .

Kisses and good luck to all .

Pixie .


Serena's title didn't fit

No offence but I highly doubt the 20 quid one is the same quality as my CDCs. There's scales that list everything too but they are cheap and they do not send pulses through your body. I bought one of those myself, for a low price, their accuracy is very low. If your feet are wet they show something else, if your feet are warm/cold they show something else, if you put your feet on them closer together they show something else.

My CDCs scales are not allowed for people with pacemaker, who are pregnant etc.. it's pretty high tec and yes, expensive.

I really don't believe you can get a scale just like that for 20 quid, sorry. Cheap wannabe's, sure, but a scale of that quality.. no. :)

Really is a shame I don't know the exact brand she has, but it's not a 20 quid 'stand on me with different temperature and your weight changes'-one if you know what I mean hehe. ;)

Like I said, don't mean to offend but I really checked the facts and you can't buy a scale like hers for 20 quid.

If you want one that's less accurate you can buy it for 20 quid.


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