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How much exercise should I do on abstinence

I am going swimming today but I do not really know if this a good idea while I am on Abstinence.
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this.
It seems to me that if I do too much I could have exercised off more calories than I eat in a day (I can swim for hours).
and that's another thing - are we supposed to think in terms of calories on lighter life.
By the way this forum is superb - I'm find all the back posts fascinating and very helpful
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constantly confused
Hi, you use more calories just to exist than you're taking in on LL, so using more via exercise isn't a problem.

Having said that, build it up slowly, and make sure you drink lots of water. :)


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I do a couple of hours in the gym every second day and walk the dog for 5 miles on the days inbetween and never found it a problem to muster up the energy. I think it's what toller girl says, you just will burn even more fat and tone at the same time. Good luck!

Deb G

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I exercised throughout as I'd always been active anyway. Gentle exercise like walking, pilates/yoga and swimming will be fine - just don't push yourself too much. Your body will tell you if it is having problems - just listen to it. Somedays I had more energy than others, so I tried to exercise only when I felt up to it, and didn't feel guilty if I just sat watching TV all day on the other days!

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