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how much have u SAVED?

I used to spend £50-60 on my food shop then about £30 a week on take aways this is between me and my boyfriend now my food shop is £35 a week with CD and £0 on take aways. My boyfriend will now buy his own foods he said to help support me. so i am saving alot


I lurve lurve lurve bars
mine was drink,I am ashamed to say I used to drink loads,I reckon Ive saved about 60 quid a week but then I spend 47 a week on the diet but also I used to eat loads of crap,so probably in total about 40 quid a week!!


Trying to stay healthy!
well, i've definitely saved £30 on not eating out whilst at work and with no takeaways and less shopping trips i reckon i'm better off even after spending £40 a week on CD....ahhh but then i've had to spend on some new clothes instead so about even! it's soo worth it though.

i think i am about even, we only had takeaways once or twice a month. but i have saved on lunches, although i buy the same food for the hubby and kids.

funnily though my CD food only comes to around £30-32 as i always seem to have packs left over at the end of the week. sometimes i work long days and don't get through all 3 (i know this is v bad!)

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