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How reliable is Wii Fit? / were the scales wrong?!


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Hi everyone,

Maybe I'm just being paranoid BUT

On my weigh in on Tues I was convinced I would have STS or only lost a little as I'd been for a meal and drinks out on Saturday.

When i got to weigh in my C was saying everyone was losing loads of weight, everyone was surprised and he kept saying "I assure you my scales aren't wrong!"

I too had lost 4.5lbs and was super surprised.

When I got home as I thought it was too good to be true I hopped on my wii fit as I have no scales and according to that I was 3.5lbs heavier than what I'd been told at class!

Is wii fit a reliable way of weighing? WERE the scales wrong all along?!
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The wii fit is not a reliable method of getting weighed, in my opinion.
The scales are very rarely wrong at SW, however they can be wrong and I know people on here have said this.
Don't rely on the wii fit but just wait and see what next weeks scale result at SW says :)
This happened to someone else on here a few weeks ago, the sw scales were infact faulty! If everyone lost alot more than they thought they would, I would say they are faulty! :/
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I think the trick is to just stick to the same scales. Different scales can often give results as are calibrated differently and may be on different surfaces etc.

My wii fit always tells me I weigh less as I have really fluffy carpet :)


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My wii fit is ridiculously inaccurate in weighing me... just putting them on a diff spot on the floor can make me weigh half a stone diff... i don't use them for weighing anymore!
they might be more accurate on hard floors though.
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I think the Wii Fit board is not accurate for weighing.

You know how when you own a pub, Trading Standards weights and measures guys can come in and check your optics, or if you own a greengrocers they can come in and check your scales? Do they check slimming club scales as people are paying for an accurate weighing service?


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ok now i am panicking!!
I have done SW from home for nearly 6 weeks now and have used my Wii as my scales every time. Surely because im using the same 'scales' this should be fine?? At the moment they don't need to be deadly accurate as i have about 80lbs to lose but now im worried that when (not if! :) ) i get to target, i wont actually be 'at target' - help!
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my wii fit used to be anything from 1/2 stone lighter to a stone heavier over a few days never accurate i've got rid of the wii and waiting on delivery of the new xbox kinnect cant wait


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I use the wii, put on hard floor, same place every week and the losses so far seem steady and what I would expect. I remember using the gym's digital scales ages ago and it was exactly the same as my wii. I personally will carry on using them as I use them once a week and at roughly the same time every week and that's it. If over a couple of weeks they started to show a gain and I knew I was sticking to the plan 100%, then I would consider a set of digital scales.


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the scales, although calibrated every month can be faulty ! A girl on here a few weeks ago had a fantastic weight loss and so did all the other in the group - like your class they were all unexpected loses - the consultant contacted them and said that the scales were infact faulty and they would all have a free week (I think it was) the following week as they weren't accurate at what they'd lost.

if you all have unexpected gains next week - then it'll be the scales sure enough
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My wii fit consistently weighs about 1/2 a stone light. I still set myself targets on there but don't kick myself if I don't meet them. The only scales I believe are the ones at class.

And if I wasn't going to class, I'd go to Boots and weigh on their fancy ones. I think it's about 50p and gives you your BMI (so you don't have to spend time doing sums).

I can't have scales at home, otherwise I stand on them every available moment - and that's not good for one's sanity!!!
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I have used Wii fit scales from the word go, but i only use them as don't go to group and find them spot on. Have double cheked with boots a few times just to be sure and they always the same, but as said above, you need to be using them on hard floor and not carpet!!


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So I have been 100% all week then today I get to weigh in and I've put on 4lbs!! And get this NO ONE had lost! Not one! Everyone had gained except a few who had maintained... COULD the scales have been wrong? No one said anything anyway... So disappointed either way :(


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st4.5lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 21.7 Loss: 1st9.5lb(15.26%)
There are quite a lot of us, maybe 30-40? I arrived late so don't know what had been said but loads of people had left and there were maybe 15 people left. The consultant said he thought it was because it's harder to stick to plan because of the weather but although i had a few more syns than i usually do, I know I did stick to mine properly :-( so demotivated! But I'm still having super speed soup tonight!!
I bet his scales were out the week before! Look at it this way, its just taking back what I gave you last week?

I would be annoyed if it were me though! One week we had a stand in consultant, and everyone lost 1lb more than they thought they would. The following week, that lb got took back, and showed as a lb less lost!

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