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how your tastes change


is getting better at it
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its funny how your cravings change or is it me, im wanting to eat something really sweet, normally i would attack the chocolate barrel (totm as well) but all that is in my head is i want PINEAPPLE :p
so i am now going to morrisons to get some.

i cant go to weigh in tonight as i have to work :cry:, maybe its a blessing in disguise after the disasterous week i have had but well and truly back on the wagon today, i have had a bacon and mushroom sarni for breakfast, lunch is chicken couscous salad and PINEAPPLE:)
not sure what dinner will be will sort that out when i get home from work
im doing extra easy today

hope your all good
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Slow but sure....
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LOL....I know what you mean, I am loving VLF cottage cheese with pineapple at the moment.


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i went on a mission for pineapple and strawberries a couple of weeks ago- it was really weird
laura xx


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Mmm... I have half a leftover pineapple sliced up in the fridge, awaiting devourment! I may be weird, but my favourite part is actually the super-chewy fibrous centre. It pains me when people cut that out and chuck it away!!
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I like the middle bit too! I think that's partly cos I hate waste...LOL!


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i know what you mean i used to smother everything with ketchup,when we was on holiday a few weeks back my husband made me a sausage sandwich with loads of ketchup on and it was minging i had to scrape it off again so now if i do have ketchup which is rare it will only be 1 tbsp wheres before it could be half a bottle lol


Starting Again!
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I've always heard this from people "oh I'm really craving a salad" and I've wanted to punch them in the face!! But funnily enough nowdays I don't really crave the things that made me fat! More like some baked beans, or a potato cooked or not - I don't mind! It's fabulous I've been waiting for this day. Other thing I've noticed (and my lovely diabetic Mum gave me 6 hour seminar on why) that if I have some naughty-ness every now and then it is so so sweet. Weird huh?

Come on fatties, we can do it - pass the strawberries :D

Natt xxx

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