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Hows everyone doing today?

This part of the forum is everso quiet.....

I wondered how everyone was doing on RC?

I started back nearly 2 weeks ago, lost 4lb in my first week. I have to admit that i have been really hungry tho! Not quite as bad now as when i first started but by tea time I feel Ravenous (sp?) I have also noticed that exercising really dose help with not feeling so hungry. I have done an aerobics class this morning, and i cycled there and back with my daughter in her little trailer, and although i was worn out by the time i got home i wasnt starving hungry.

I had a delicious lunch today, i had an omelette with mushrooms, red pepper. red onion ans i little bit of ham, all for around 150calories and it filled me up a treat. Was yummy!

I'm really hoping to loose 3lbs this week to make half a stone. My weigh in is wednesday. Fingers crossed!

So hows everyone else doing? :):)
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Well after a disasterous couple of weeks, and putting all my weight back on, i feel fat and sluggish so today is my first day back on it!!

And so far so good. I am working full time this week so excercise will be hard to fit in but i am starting counting cals today.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the week.
Thats good that your still wanting to loose weight and trying again. I know how hard it is. I have been trying to motivate myself for the last 20 months and its so hard. Something just clicked in me and now I'm determined to get the weight off. I dont know how I have done this week. I'm going into town with a friend today, and I'm taking a packed lunch so i dont cheat! Plus its cheaper than buying lunch there! haha.

Hope you have a good day today.

Hi, Well done you for avoiding those golden arches, they are naughty but nice.

Today is going well so far, it is definitely easier not to eat when i am working full time, but housework doesnt get done and kids think they live at grannies! So i guess since its been a good week to start back on the plan (dont like calling it a diet!) .
Well done Rachel!!!!!!!

Mayy, thats what holidays are for! To enjoy yourself and get away from the daily grind of cc!!!! You will get back on it and those lbs will soon melt away.
Yesterday was abit dodgy to say the least!!!

Tea ended up comprising of Rich tea biscuits and Hula Hoops. Not what i intended but got home starving hungry and started to pick.

Will try and do better today!!!
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Ohhhhhh i adore hula hoops!

Hopefully today is going better for you? Think positive, just think how happy you will be at the end of the week when the scales have gone down a bit.

I went for lunch with my SIL today, I was good and had salad, but OMG i soooooo wanted chips. They were big thick homemade chips and it almost made me sick to say no! But I keep telling myself its not going to be forever, when I get to my target I can treat myself again!

Keep positive hun, dont give up! x
I just did a body conditioning class, OMG i was so hard, my legs are going to kill tomorrow. I feel like jelly all over lol.

Just had ryvita, philly and ham for lunch, oh and a banana.
You are doing so well, Keep it up!!! I have only one word to describe the weekend - PANTS!!!!

Once again, i succummbed to anything that sat still long enough and today feel very bloated and fat, not felt like this for ages and i hate it.

I just cant stop eating !!!!!aaarrrggghhh!!!!!
Hi Girls,
Hope you dont mind me jumping in. things are very quiet on here, and you seem to be the only ones that are talking! lol...was going to ask if any of you have tried Zhumba? im going on thursday night, and im looking forward it. hoping it will help with the weight loss. any info or feedback would be good. cheers.

Linda xx
Hi Mondayclubber, i must admit have not done zhumba but would love to try it, it looks good fun. I have done alot of salsa and dance type classes before and looks right up my street!!

Let us know how you get on.
Hi all.

J70Joj, dont get down about it, just forget the weekend ever happened and get back on track.

The only way I'm getting thru it is to be exceptionly strict with myself. I joined a site called 'myfitnesspal' today. It counts all your calories and exercise that you do each day. I think it will come in usefull as you dont always know how many cals are in things. Just just tell it what you have had and it tells you what you want to know. I'm quite taken with it! lol

Hi Mondayclubber.

I have never done Zumba but have watched it on youtube and it does look fun. We dont have any classes local to us unfortunatly :-(
Let us knoe how you get on tho! x
Thanks Rach, You are right i have to put it behind me and carry on!

You are doing so well, good on you, keep it up!! I have had a look at my fitness pal, it looks very similiar to Food Focus which is what i use, i guess you just have to use it!!!

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