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Hubby is filing for divorce


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I am in a bit of a poor place at the moment. My husband has filed for divorce-amongst other things he cannot cope with my depression any longer. I have two beautiful children aged 8 years and 5 years. I am trying to keepit amicable but it is very difficult because I do not want to split up with him. We are living in the same house but separate bedrooms. Its driving me nuts. I still love him

The only good thing is that I am living in the gym to work off my frustrations. I have started slimming world again so hopefully the two will work well for me.

I am trying to be strong and keep myself busy but it is very difficult.

I want to lose another stone to feel good about myself and prepare myself for the single life again. XXXX:cry:
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Soo sorry to hear the bad news hun, divorce is a terrible thing to go through, and I know you must feel like you have had a kick in the stomach, things really do get better with time. Sending you big "hugs".....xx


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Thank you all for your husgs - Yes he knows I still love him. I'm hoping a bit of time and he will come to his senses but whoknows


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So sorry to hear about your situation. Relationships can be hard work even when things are going good and your on top form.

Hope you have plenty of love and support from friends and family, but feel free to vent anytime on here.



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How sad, and not a great thing for him to say as you're already depressed.
what an awful situation! Have you tried counselling together? (or yourself for your depression?)

good luck with your weight loss journey!


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Yes I've has a bit of counselling and determined to be in excellent mental and physical shape for the kids - Just have to get out of desperation mode


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Im sorry to hear that hun,i hope things work out the way you want them to.((((((((hugs))))))) xx
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Big hugs hun. I know what depression's like. Doesn't help when the person who's meant to support you runs. Its for better or worse for a reason.
I'm sure you'll do great with your weight loss and be fab yummy mummy.


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I'm so sorry to read this, what an awful situation, I hope he changes his mind and you canboth work through things, perhaps Relate could help?

Take care x

silly sausage

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Susie - how awful for you. I have no advice about your relationship, but if you want to re-join us on Sunday morning, we will do what we can to support you with your weight loss. Missed you on the thread :) x
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Hi I didnt want to just read and run ... so sending u lots of hugs and best wishes ... take care of yourself xxxx


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Sounds like you are having a very tough time at the moment. I'm glad that you're taking steps to get yourself feeling better. I'm not too far from Swansea so feel free to give me a shout if you need anything.

Hugs x


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I have no idea what to say other than sending you hugs, I hope you can keep it as amicable as you can and good luck with the weightloss.


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Oh God Im so sorry *hugs* :( You'll always have your kids and they matter more than anything, take care hun x


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Sending ((((((((((hugs))))))))))


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Thank you all for your kind wishes. My wonderful children came home yesterday from school and had fabulous reports so very proud of them.

I was very good on the diet yesterday - didn't even use my syns - I know thats wrong but I can make up for it on another day without feeling guilty.

Been to the gym this morning again to work off my frustrations and had a good session.

I have been reading up on how to win your man back (sad I know) and apparently I need to use reverse psychology and pretend to accept the divorce and move on. If he sees me moving on and having fun then he may look at me in a different light. If this fails at least I will have fun in the meantime and will prepare myself for when I am on my own.

Thank you all again - Its great to chat XXXXX

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