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Hysterectomy/C-Section Tummies

Hello everyone!

I know we have talked about loose skin and how it can or can't shrink back, etc., but something I was wondering about is this...:eek:

In 1993 I had to have a hysterectomy. The shape of my tummy was never the same again after my abdominal muscles were cut along the bkini line.

I just wonder if anyone else experienced that, and now that they have lost weight I am just wondering what you were left with?

In my mind, I would imagine a tummy tuck would be necessary, because I imagine this pooch hanging there. :( But maybe I am wrong....I have been surprised by so much here!! I am just wondering if your tummies went back to their natural shape?
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I had two emergency C sections, so you can imagine they didn't exactly try to do a neat job. However, my tum is not TOO bad after the weight loss, only a very very minute "overhang" over the bikini line, the rest of my tum is a bit crepe papery though, but also not TOO bad considering I am 52 next week. It so much better than having it stretched to capacity like before!
I have had 2 emergency csections and 1 elected one, the first was 22 years ago and the last 14 years ago. I never lost my baby weight and just gained more in between. Since loosing weight with LL I do still have a bit of overhang and there is some wrinkling and sagginess in the skin as well. I do still have about 20lbs to lose so hope that this will improve. If anyone has any suggestions to help with this it would be appreciated.
I have had surgery twice, 1 c-section and 1 emercency due to an ectopic........When I lost all my weight last year I still held on to the overhang and it really bothered me!! However, I began to use my slendertone belt again and after a month or so it disappeared completely and I am now left with just the scar...this may be worth a try as it worked for me xx


Happily pro pointing!
Wow toots, I never really thought those things worked.
I had my DD by caesarian 4 years ago and was left with an overhang, it is getting smaller but don't think it will go completely.
Thanks for the tip, I might be needing one of those shortly.

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