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I am brand new to xenical

Hey i'm new too, starting tabs on tues. I'm 217lbs so we're in about the same position. Look forward to hearing your progress.
Gd Luck, Pamela xx
Great! I couldnt be more thrilled. We can be diet buddies! My name is Lizzie, pleased to meet you Pamela.
How come my profile details are not being shown?
Yeah definately. Its good to know other people in the same position, especially since we are starting around the same time too. Hows it going today with the xenical?

I'm watching what I eat not taking tabs yet, but finding it ok. Tonight will be a test tho - strictly and x factor normally a munchie night lol.

Hope your first day went ok xx
I dont know about your profile not showing, i just filled in the boxes and it all came up! try looking in user XP tab at the top, see if maybe theres a privacy box that needs ticked/unticked.

you need 50 + posts for profiles to show xx

Brand new to site and diet and meds, wieght is currently 311 lbs (omg) 5ft 9 in and need help , gave up smoking and piled on more wieght. I have gotta do something!!!!
Hi Jue, Im sure we'll all do well, feel so positive when reading other peoples successes on here! Im sure it'll be hard, but Ive gotta do it this time, just gaining more weight every month and Im worried that if I dont do something im not goin to be fit enough to run around and play with my little one.
I know what you mean about the smoking, I gave up and have not stopped eating!!! Will all be worth it tho, to be slimmer and smoke free"!!

Take care, and I look forward to your progress!
Luv, Pamela xx
I can so identify with you girls. Stick with the not smoking. You are doing the right thing tackling the weight issue NOW. I gave up the weed 3 years ago, when I was 2 stone overweight, I keept saying "I'll deal with the weight later". Its now THREE YEARS later and I'm now 5 stone overweight. Dont make my mistake. I know what you mean about 'I must have something', unfortunately I cant think of anything that takes the place of food or nicotine, except booze and thats got calories in it! My intention is to log on here when things are getting rough. It seems the members are very caring and sharing. Were all in the same boat. Good luck.


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im fairly new (as ive only been on it a week)
im doing quite well.. (at least i think i am!!)
good luck!!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hello ladies!!

welcome to xenical!!!

Post lots and you guys will be fine!!

speak soon love katie


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hello ladies!!

welcome to xenical!!!

Post lots and you guys will be fine!!

speak soon love katie

absolutely correct!! i wouldnt be where i am (on that road to slimworld!!!) without this site, and the unbelievable support that ive gotten!!!
hi newbies.im newish myself been on xenical for a month, tomorrow 1st weigh in :eek:.post lots and read through the diaries there is loads of advise there and cooking tips:D.everyone is so nice and friendly here .speak soon xxxxx
Well I've been on the tablets 1 week and have only lost 1 and 1/2 lbs. Not the resounding success I was hoping for. I think I know the causes. 1) I forgot to take the tablet 4 times over the week.
2) I didnt count calories, just fat grams.
3) I had home made steak & kidney pie at my Aunties on
Thursday. Missed tablet on purpose.
4) Had a couple of glasses of wine every night. (Nil fat)

From today I am going to record everything I eat, from reading the posts it seems the best thing to do. I've got a little book which lists the calories and fat in food, so I am going to stick to 1400 cals per day.


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what book do you have that lists both cals and fat??? would love to get my hands on one of those!!!
Its called, 'Your greatest guide to CALORIES and FAT' published by Slimming Magazine. My copy is from 2003, but Im sure they will have updated it.

This is the start of my recording everything I eat.

Sunday Brunch

2 slices toast 188cals 1.6g fat
2 poached eggs 168 12.4 (WHAT!!)
100g Tesco H/E bacon 130 4.2
1/2 tin beans 151 .4

BLOODY HELL!! I thought I was doing well - 637 cals and 18.6 grams of fat!!! Although, this IS breakfast and lunch combined so its not too bad, just a shock when you work it out. Can it be correct that eggs have all that fat?

I have just had my calories worked out at a site
recommended by Kae and it is 1200 per day.

Homemade shepherds pie, low fat mince, no butter in the mash. 350cals - 10.1g
veg - nil

Snack - rice cakes 100 cals - 2g

This is all OK till later when I was so hungry I ate the other half of the shepherds pie. 350cals- 10g

Totals for Sunday. 1437cals - 40.8g fat

Its not easy sticking to the calories, not counting them was the reason for my small loss last week.
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i know. i was thinking about having poached eggs yesterday for lunch but looked it up online and was gob smacked!!!


mines a skimmed latte
it's the yolks that contain the fat - the whites is pure protein
Hey Lizzie, a 1 an 1/2 lb is still a loss, especially if you missed some tabs. Watch the calories in the wine tho its full of them. I ditch wine altogether when Im dieting, I have vodka and diet coke instead (not that I get to drink that often with a toddler!!) WW used to do a range of wine, not sure how good it is tho! xx

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