I am in shock


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In the last 4 weeks I have walked.........

136.5 MILES!!!!!!!:eek:

I used to walk a lot then I got a car. However end of last year I broke my hand and couldn't drive with a cast on. So I started walking everywhere again. When the cast came off I vowed to continue to walk and I have. I wear a pedometer to keep track of distances etc.
I know when I filled my car up with petrol I put approx £50 less fuel in for the month than I usually do but even so ....it's amazing how the miles clock up...
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WOW! Thats great! I have just got into walking for weightloss and fitness and its great!


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Well done, do you walk to anywere in perticular (sp?) like to work and back or are you just going out for a walk to keep-fit? how long are you walking for at 1 time?

I read today somewhere that people with dogs tend to walk 23739 miles during their pets lifetime, think i need to get myself another dog,

Miss Mango

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Wow thats an amazing mileage you've clocked up Laura - very well done! I bet thats really aided your weight loss too - excellent.
Do you keep horses too? I'm sure I read that you go down to the farm. I love horses and all the work involved always kept me slim in the past :)


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I walk to the farm and back almost everyday to see to my horse. It's 2.5 miles each way. I regularly have an internal conversation with myself with this voice that keeps urging me to use the car. I have saved a fortune in fuel. I am now walking quicker and finding it much easier. The weight is going down very slowly with nothing having changed other than walking and using the wii.

You are right Miss Mango humping 40lb bales of hay and lugging water across a yard is akin to weights in a gym. Add the days when the little darling decides to aid my keep fit by clearing off everytime I try and catch her and you have a perfect work out. :D


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Oh and I have joined the fit to fat challenge The fat to fit photo challenge where you are challenged to take a photo while you are out and share it. There is a challenge of what to take a photo of and I find myself taking detours to find something to fit the challenge. I find it a great motivator and you get to see other peoples photos from other parts of the world.