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I am NOT a born cook :(

But at least I am trying!

I have just finished making the meringue for my pavlova and it didn't go too well.

I was whisking on full speed for about 40 mins (I took a bit off the time for the times I had to stop because my arm ached holding the whisk). When I put it on the baking tray it was still a bit runny at the bottom :( It didn't go all glossy like the recipe said it should :(

And then, after it had been in the oven for 5 mins I realised that I forgot to add the cornflour, cream of tartar, and vinegar :(
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lmao least you tried,i was gonna make that once to take to a friends but i cant cook meringue either so i did a sw rifle instead least i knew i couldnt stuff that up
The plan HAD been to take it to the inlaws tomorrow! I put a couple of small dollops of meringue apart from the main bit so that I can taste it first!


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Oh bless you! At least you're trying! But meringues aren't the easiest thing to start with. If there's the slightest fat in the bowl you're doing it in then they won't whip! I was looking for cheap whisking machines online this week(the name escapes me! I've had some wine!) and you can get them for little over £5! So I think I'll get myself down to Tescos and get one.
Anyway what I really wanted to say, (in my befuddled way) is your in/ outlaws are very lucky to have you!
Well, the meringue had the consistency of squashy polystyrene and went straight in the bin :(
hee hee. that sounds like my kitchen!!


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I LOVE meringue. I found if you add the sweetner at the start, it doesn't whip up, so boo to that. I love it when it's crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle...mmm... oo lost my train of thought, oh yeah, if you add a sprinkling of sugar (about a tbsp) it crispy's a lot better :D

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