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I am responsible for a murder!

My daughter has just come in from school, opened a huge bar of chocolate and shoved under my nose. teasing me with it saying "do you want a bit mum? do you, do you?.....it smells devine and I am now gonna kill her. News a 10 headline here I come, guilty as charged. Do your kids help or hinder? You already know the answer to mine lol.
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Slow but sure....
LOL.....my kids are grown up now but my son especially was and still is a tease and a 'winder up'er' he is in New Zealand at the moment and I miss him so much, but he will start winding me up again as soon as he gets home again next Spring (hopefully).....kid's don't yea just love em'!!


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Mine's a good girl! She's still plodding through her easter eggs bless her, she only has a little bit when she remembers about them and doesn't ask for sweets etc very often. Luckily we never have crisps/choc in the house and she doesn't get to go to the shop on the way home from school so it's not a problem.
However....... when she goes to senior school in september, I bet it all changes and she'll be led into temptation from all avenues!!

Feeling for you charlottegrace!!


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my daughter did this with oreos this afternoon my favourite! so maybe we could serve time together!! lol!


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My problem has always been OH saying, "would you like a drink?" But since he had a scare with his BP he's been very good. Still asks if I want chocolate, but luckily that isn't my problem.
:8855::8855:My daughter does that sometimes also! Overall though she is really supportive.

In fact, she is really maing me laugh at the moment. I still buy goodies for her play piece for school, however she has banned some of our equal favourites so I don't dig in! :rolleyes:

Also, whenever a Nutella advert comes on the telly, she starts a conversation with me telling me how disgusting it is and doesn't know how anyone could eat....tutting throughout I may add! lol. I've got to laugh cos I know how much she loves the stuff!! :rolleyes:

K xx


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'My' kids (28 9-11 year olds in total) are good all term - reminding me not to have chocolate or biscuits in the staffroom. Then, at the end of each term, what do they all bring me? Bloody biscuits, jam, chocolates, wine and other high-syn goodies. Not that I don't appreciate it, but HONESTLY!

Bless em