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I bottled it.....but am back again!


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After much thought, I've decided to get my arse back to SW for one last try. If it doesn't click this time then I'm going to WW (kicking and screaming)....

I've text my consultant and said I'll be there at 6.30pm tonight, I've got no excuses now, no holidays / parties etc. I've just realised I've not been for 4 weeks, although I didn't think I'd put that much on, my trousers are starting to feel a bit tight, so time to bite the bullet before I undo it all...............


I'm sooooo scared :cry:
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
yay! well done you. remember what you have lost and forget what you may have gained and all your mistakes in the past. go back on SW like you've never done it before and plan ahead. :D


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well done for getting back on the plan:)
good luck for tonight:D


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Well done honey, and good plan about texting the consultant!! :) she will be looking for you now



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Well done Louise - moving forward and downwards weight wise.
You have been there for me and others when we have needed guidance so we are here for you. Go girl.:p


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Aww thanks everyone, I'm feeling quite motivated again already..... about the texting thing, you're right Steph, I know I have to go now, which make me glad I text, as come 6pm tonight I'll be thinking of every excuse under the sun why I can't go... eek.

I'm going to rejoin as a new member, so get a new book and weigh in sheet etc. That way I can forget all the "sts's" and gains.

I'm going to dig up my old diary too....

Thanks guys x
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Well done on making the decision Louise, I too am returning tonight and texted my counsellor last night, am buying a countdown and going for it, I am so unhappy about this weight really need to get it sorted. Good luck to you, we can do this.
Willitracey - lets make a pact and do it together..... I'm sure it'll be fine once we get there.

I'm buying a countdown too x


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I need to decide if Im going to go back to it properly! One minute I think I wont bother and convince myself Ive done well and am fine for now and then I catch site of my reflection as I did this morning and I think whoo you've still got a long way to go - oh what a quandary!! xxx

Well done going back to it Lou x


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I am also thinking about going back to group.. there is one tonight at 6.30... Have lost a stone on my own... worried that their scales will say different to what Ive been using and dishearten me .
Go on Emski - get back to group, you know it makes sense.....

Thanks for your support everyone, I'm about to leave work and will be going straight to class....... eeek xx
Good luck!!!

I've found going to class to be a great incentive, even though i've only been to 2 :D Plus it's a bit of time out each week!


Reached Target. woohoo
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Good girl. Join the July challenge and you're great weight losses will help us win. xxx
I am delighted - look forward to reading your blog !!

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