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I cheated!!!

Thank you! I am just so happy!!! I am stuggling to contain myself!! Got 13 Pounds to go till I am no longer obese!!!

How are you???


Stubborn and doing it
Hiya Anna :D I think you'll love this diet as it tastes so so good.

Congrats on your loss so far - that's one amazing result :D

Jess - I'm fine, did my usual eat too much at mum's yesterday but back on track today and going to be good. I really hope to get below that 18½ stone mark come Friday :D


Guess who's back...?
Hey- I loved LL to be honest! It really changed my life and so damn quickly. I liked the taste and the fact it was a no-brainer - no hunger, no temptation etc. I regret the fact I didn't see it through and do "route to management" (the re-introduction of food phase that makes the diet incredibly successful long term), but I just went off the boil and despite my good intentions I just couldn't get back onto it properly after New Year lapses.

Since being back on food I've discovered my 'off' button isn't really working - portions are silly, and I eat really sporadically - hopefully DC will be the answer to retraining me a bit.

I've just checked the meals out on Look What We Found - they look lovely! No chemicals etc.. can't wait!

Anyway - sorry for hijacking your thread, hehe :D

A xx
You go girl! You will love this diet! For me its about re training my body to eat normally and controlled, before I was like I can eat whatever and eat so much rubbish and now I really think about what I put in my body, so its all positive. The only meal I didn't like was the chicken casserole!


maintaining since June'09
Hey Jess you had me worried there with the title of the thread - you little tease you!!!! Little being the operative word!! Well done you - Fantastic result !! xx
Hi there - I am really enjoying reading about everyone's diets and losses - it is so fanatstic ! Also it seems only 5 mins since I was the new gal on here and Jan was advising me on what I could and couldn't do..... I didn't read the blurb at all !! Have since dipped in and out of it when I need to know something !! Anyway I have had another 100% day (despite work colleagues bringing in shed loads of choccie cakes and biscuits .....) and I am hungry so planning my main meal and spinach (not sure what yet - I kinda have a lucky dip most nights !!). Then off to my scrapbooking workshop will my friend - a night off .....
Jessica - well done on the 2 stone off - I totally missed your WI posts......Durrrrrr........ Any news on the prize at your club ???

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