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I cleared my closet!


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I know most people keep that 'smaller' size item just in case they fit into it one day, but I am the opposite, I keep that 'frumpy' item for when i'm having a fat day and can hide away under it.

Last night I cleared out my whole closet and I was amazed at the unflattering, tent like clothes I have. What do I think I look like!!??

So they have all been sent to charity, and now I only have size 18's in there. No baggy size 24 jumpers...or size 22 elasticated waist skirts.

Because, when I am slim....I won't need them :D
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A little of everything!
That is SUCH a positive (& brave! LOL!) thing to do!!

Well done!

I have a wardrobe full of clothes to get back into! ;P


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Well done Dem - bet it has made you more positive too :)

I did that the other day and my dad asked what i was doing and i said throwing away everything that is now too big and he high fived me and said way to go! - thats sweet coming from him! lol
Well done Demaris, thats it girl. Good idea to get rid of them, I too have done all that. I give everything away thats too big and all the new ones can be sold on Ebay.
Thats the way to do get rid of all the bid clothes that dont fit you then you'll have nothing to wear therefore will pay attention as to what your eating when at target

Well done you its a brave step


Fat Fighter!!!!
Well done you! I did this last week too - it made me feel so much better! I tried on lots of my old smaller clothes too (Which had been folded up and shoved to the bottom of the wardrobe) I ended up hanging some of them up ready to wear! So exciting!


Here we go again!
Good for you Demaris! I also had a bit of a clearout last weekend. Had a bag full for the charity shop. Mainly size 20 trousers. I got into 18s this weekend and am determined never to go back up again.


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Now if I could just persuade my OH to bin the zillion T-shirts he has with tags on, I could fit more luscious clothes in! xxx


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LOVE your thinking hun!!! Well done you! I may even do that myself tomorrow!


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done chick that is a really good plan!!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I had the idea to throw my big clothes out when I lose more weight until someone reminded me that some of them would make excellent maternity wear once I become pregnant.
Although not planning on getting pregnant straightaway once I'm off the diet because I want to enjoy being slim for a while once I'm there, I'm thinking maybe next year would be a great time to try and once I've had the baby, off to the Charity shop they will go!! :D:D:D:D

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