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I Clearly have distorted views about my size

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
S: 17st7lb G: 10st5lb
At the start of my diet I was a size 20 on bottom and size 18 on top.

It's been 4 months and nearly 2 and a half stone down I have still been wearing the same clothes, and have been convinced I won't fit into anything smaller. There was recently another thread on here where someone of similar height/weight was celebrating they were size 16. Which got me thinking about my size, can I really be this big in clothes size still even though i've lost so much weight. Well anyways I decided to go shopping today and.......

Bought a pair of size 16 jeans, and some size 16 tops. OMG!! I was in SHOCK!! albeit, the jeans are slightly snug. But who cares, they are a SIXTEEN!!!!!

:D Today is a good day!! :D

has anyone else suffered from distored views about there size?
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S: 19st12lb C: 14st1.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st11lb(29.14%)
thats fantastic news becca bet you feel on top of the world, I just think that we are comfortable in our old clothes they dont look good as they are huge...wait for the comments when you start wearing your size 16's out, people will really notice a difference where as they maybe hadnt before x


Champion actifryer
S: 84kg C: 71.5kg G: 65kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 12.5kg(14.9%)
Me! I'm with you on this one! I go shopping and pick up a 14 and then I have to stand there telling myself to pick up a 10 or 12 and put the 14 down as it will clearly be too big :eek: I still feel the same as I did when I was bigger and I think my mind is still lagging behind. I think we will get there eventually :) xx
Me too! I still can't get used to selecting the 8-10 underwear and go for the 12-14. My OH though can look at something and pick the correct size for me straight away.

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
S: 17st7lb G: 10st5lb
The only thing is, now i'm in a smaller size, I wana go out and do more shopping!! haha. shame my bank balance stops me!!
im the opposite - when i was bigger i never saw myself as big i was able to kid myself for years that i was just curvy or cuddly but really i was just fat !! lol


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S: 14st4lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 2st5lb(16.5%)
told you so :p told you so :p

Wee Doll

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my distored views are i think im an 8 and im not lolol

Pudgy Panda

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S: 11st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(7.5%)
i am the opposite, i am still reaching for 10/12's when i am a 14. many wasted jeans and trousers upstairs in wardrobe from this!!!!

now dont wanna buy anything else until i am back to 12s again
I had this exact same thing happen to me. I was going on a school trip with my daughter last week and I had been slopping about in size 22 bottoms (bearing in mind I was actually hardpressed to get into them back in January) for ages, so I thought I should get something a bit smaller and even if it didnt fit yet then it would soon enough. So I picked up an 18, thought twice about it, held it against me, looked at the 20s, then plumped for the 18 and bought it. Brought them home (trousers) tried them on and lo and behold they fit! How nice does that feel!

Im also down two bra sizes. Back size, not cup size. Happy days! Congrats to you on your achievement!


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S: 15st8lb C: 14st12lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 0st10lb(4.59%)
wow, well done you :) ... my dad asked me today how my diet was going and if i had lost weight yet ! ... i only started it yesterday !! i know its good but i dont think its THAT good !! lol :D

Thats fantastic - really well done to you :D

I kind of know how you feel. I actually try clothes on now, something I never did before, I didn't want to so I could at least have nice clothes even if they didn't fit & that would make me feel like total cr*p but hayho!!

Anyway - when I go into change rooms now with a size 12 everytime I am convinced its going to be to small & why am I bothering - but amazingly they are now getting to big!! Just recently I bought a really nice pair of jeans in a 12, they are really big on me & falling down already!! Even though this is happening, I still can't get my head around my new size?!??!

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
S: 17st7lb G: 10st5lb
Thanks for all your comments everyone :D xx

I went and got my bra size measured today as well. not changed a bit which i was surprised about, thought I would have lost some weight off me boobs, but alas not! no that that's a bad thing really! lol
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
im the opposite - when i was bigger i never saw myself as big i was able to kid myself for years that i was just curvy or cuddly but really i was just fat !! lol
I'm the same hun and its been my failing before on sw cause i've got 2 stone down and thought I was done but later looked at photos and relised I'm not. I am doing better this time though and tend to be seeing me as I am its just when I don't lookin the mirror I see myself smaller.


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S: 19st5lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 1st13lb(9.96%)
Well done on the loss. I'm find it really difficult sometimes to know what size I'm into now as shop sizes seem to differ so much!


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S: 17st12lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I started off as a size 28/30 and am now a 16. I used to have my fat photo on my phone as inspiration, but I realised that it didn't inspire me because it's not what I looked like now. So I decided to take some new pics to keep me going..... I looked at the photo and thought "oh, that's not too bad" yet when I look in the mirror I think "god you are fat".

It's all about your head catching up with your body!!

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