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I don't feel any different...


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...and I don't think I look any different but apparently I've lost a stone in the last 8 weeks!! Unexpected 4lb loss this week--which is absolutely fabulous and makes me VERY happy!

But I can't see any difference at all when I look in the mirror, nor can I really feel any difference in my clothes (although, admittedly, I wear a lot of loose, stretchly clothes...) but the scales don't lie, do they?

I'm worried that my scales are, in fact, lying, and that I haven't lost a scrap of weight at all....
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I've lost more than 2 stone and can't really see the difference. The only time I can tell is when I have before and after pictures side by side. My clothes size has changed but I don't feel like it. One person who didn't know me before I lost weight told me I look very different after she saw my photo on facebook.

I'm still to be convinced. Try the photos though. You may see the difference then.

Tania x
NO, the scales are not lying, you've lost a stone :) wooo! Well done you!

You don't feel any different at all? Have you noticed your body changing shape or anything?

Maybe measure yourself. A lot of people have said that you lose inches and don't even realise. Get out that measuring tape and check it out!

Congrats :D x
it might be that you can't see the difference because you see yourself every day and it's such a gradual thing, but i bet other people like your friends and family will be able to tell :) congrats on your loss xx


doesn't have a witty name
Thanks ladies :)

I suppose I feel that I haven't been 100% on plan, therefore I can't have lost that much--we eat out an awful lot and I bake and nibble etc etc...

But when I stop to think about it, all my meals are on plan, always (well, apart from the hot dog I had for lunch yesterday ;)) and although I do have the odd nibble here and there, I don't have that much. This week, I thought I'd been really bad but on Thursday, for example, I had fruit for breakfast, then we were going out to lunch/early dinner but not until 2pm. I was hungry at 11am so I reheated a bean risotto that I'd made and had some of that. When we eventually went out to eat, I was able to make a more sensible choice (jacket potato and grilled lemon chicken sandwich) than if I'd been starving. And we ended up not having dinner because we'd eaten lunch much later. So it's swings and roundabouts.

I've not been keeping my food diary as much as I should either, which makes me feel a bit like I'm not on plan, because it's not written down. I just need to wrap my head around the fact that I have lost weight and it is working. Feels weird though!

Thanks for the lovely words and encouragment :D
Well done that is a great loss, i agree get the measuring tape out!
I have lost 8 pound and i keep asking hubby all the time can he notice and the answer is always no lol. However my trousers no longer stick into my belly and are comfortable now so i can feel the difference. I am hoping by the time i see old friends at the end of July it will be noticable to everyone then. You have done really well hun x

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