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I feel....... Flat


Alway see the love x
:sigh: Woke today feelin.... Floppy. My get up and go has run away. Feel blue.:confused:
I feel like ive gone back to how I felt on my 1st week.... Not liking it, wheres me Mojo gone???

Just flopped on the sofa and couldnt be bothered with anything today. Feel light headed But ive eaten and drank lots....

Even lifting my arms takes effort.... Strange!!

Any ideas my lovely`s??

Floppy-Weak-Woofy X :wave_cry:
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Sounds like Atkins Flu? except that generally happens at the end of week 1 or beginning of weeks 2.

maybe you've caught something woofy?


Alway see the love x
Hi again. Ive had a snooze and a lite nibble. Still feel weak as a kitten, finding this very strange as Ive felt cracking for 4 weeks, now this!!!!

Ive done nothing different compared to every other day.... Hope it passes and soon!!

Love Woofy X
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I hope you are better Woof!


Wannabe Lean!!!
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Are you tired? You say you've had loads of energy for weeks so maybe all the 'get up and go' has left you a little drained and you just need a catch up sleep? Or has any of your family a cold? It really knocks you when you get poorly after feelng so great for so long, hope it passes soon. x x


Alway see the love x
Morning Lovely`s.

Im feeling a alittle better today. Still feel weak but not as much. Dont feel ill, no sign of a cold, its just my limps feel heavy and floppy.

Oh this is too strange!!!

I miss the "zingy" me. Didnt run around like a headless chicken before, just felt strong and happy..... Hope to have that back soon. My son called me a zombie last night. Hes hit the nail on the head with that. Bless him hee hee

Hope all is well with you all..... Sorry to moan about they way I feel, hope I havent put a downer on our lovely posts.....

Will post again when Im cheery again...

Back soon

Woofy XX


Wannabe Lean!!!
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Aw Woof don't feel you have to stay away because you're not feeling too happy. We're hear to support you through the good and the bad chick. x x


Alway see the love x
lol what are limps??? Think I was trying to say Limbs ha ha

Rela, thats so nice of you to say, thankyou. Just got bored of moaning about how poo I feel but wanted you all to know as there may have been something Ive missed. Even though no1 has felt this way (thank god) you have all helped. Group hug (hope what ever Ive go isnt catching)

Off to find my happy hat now and to grab a bottle of water...

Have a good Saturday my Lovely`s

Woofy Woofy X


Wannabe Lean!!!
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Anytime mate, keep your chin up. I'm feeling a bit 'meh' myself so off to feed ducks with the kids to try and get my ar$e off the sofa! x x


Alway see the love x
You had muffins today, were they nice? Did u follow the below?
Muffin in a Minute

allowed on Induction

Serving Size: 1

1/4 cup flax meal (8.09 total carbs, 7.6 fiber)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder (0.64 net carbs)
1 packet splenda packet (0.9 net carbs)
1 teaspoon cinnamon (1.84 total carbs, 1.2 fiber)
1 large egg (0.6 net carbs)
1 teaspoon butter

Where did you get the "flax meal " Ive googles it but nothing...

Might send the lovely OH out so I can make these, cheer-me-up-muffins....

Woofy X


Gold Member
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Afternoon woof,

Glad to hear you are feeling slightly better today ... get that happy hat on!!!!!!!!!



Alway see the love x
Afternoon, Jools.
Happy hat it firmly on :D mind over matter today... Just hope it works :sigh2:

2nites girlie night out has been cancelled due to the snow :smiley1842: Gutted and please all at the same time as didnt fancy going feeling like this....

Heres to a cheery afternoon on the sofa watching telly, surfing the net and going with the flow of things...

Hows ur day going?

Chilled Woofy X
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I think I have Atkins flu, the cough, and lost voice has now been added to with a temperature runny nose and sneezing :-(


Alway see the love x
Sorry to hear that,TT. Have u taken anything for it babes?
I feel healthy apart from feeling weak and like a zombie. Dont feel ill, not even a sniffle....

Keep snug and keep sipping the water. Hope Mr TT is looking after you??


Woofy X