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I feel like i was such a baby!


Always welcome new m8's!
When i first started LT last week i moaned and cried about the powders! They were all yuk! the chicken was gross, the strawberry and chocolate were salty and gross and the vanilla....lets not go there!:sign0137:

Now i find the choc and strawberry real tasty! I ENJOY the choc!!!
Still not up to try the chicken or vanilla again but im happy i have 2 i like!

So let this be a lesson to anyone starting out thinking there all yuk, there not its your taste buds!!!!
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They become downright scrumptious after another few weeks!!!!


Always welcome new m8's!
Lol that i cant believe yet but i hope so! Decided im getting 15 choc next week haha! i just love it


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try adding coffee to the vanilla. can you have the flap jacks yet? they are ok, but best wait a bit, as you may find them yukky. after a few weeks its like a taste sensation!

good luck and well done xx


Always welcome new m8's!
Next week i can get the flapjacks but only getting a few! I need them for when im upset cos right now im clenching my jaw cos i cant chew! I used to comfort eat so will be nice to have them as an option
I would advise against the flap jacks, they are the most vile things that I have ever tasted!! My chemist gave me one of eah to try so that I didnt have to finish it if I didnt like it!


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you do get to love the taste of the shakes after a few weeks, don't give up on the soup as you will be glad of them soon when the weather turns chilly. flapjacks are and aquired taste but a welcome change


Always welcome new m8's!
Ive heard there "salty cardboard" but i think il try them. If not i know i can go swap for my beloved choc shakes!!!
The soup is a welcome change to the sweetness of the shakes. I put loads of pepper in it, it's so peppery it could be anything, it certainly doesn't taste like chicken soup but it's nice and savoury.:D


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21 Chocs for me EVERY week! Strawberry too sweet and vanilla is boring! Have never tried flap jacks or soup.


Always welcome new m8's!
Thanks all for replying xx
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Must admit I cant stomach chick but thats all my hubby has??
BUT I have done LT before & my favourites change week by week (strange I know) I hated Vanilla first time I tried it but that was my fav last week & strawberry is winning today :)
I am just praying that salad is my fav when I finish this diet lol
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i must say i hate the vanilla one but with coffee which i hate it is lovely it reminds me of a toffee drink and it is lush i have it in the morning to wake me up and warm me up after my school run. xx
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Mmmmm, I look forward to all the shakes! I hated the soup in the first week and haven't had it since but may try it again as the weather gets colder.

I lived on strawberry the first week but now have a latte every morning, a flapjack in the afternoon (don't expect too much of it and you won't be disappointed!) and alternate between choc and strawberry in the evening!!!! Love 'em!