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i had an apt

i had an apt to see my cd leader at 4.30pm tonight, i always get there 5 mins early, (hate being late)

sat outside of her house and she didn't show up.

i've text her, and asked her did we have an apt, but i've not had a reply.

I do have a weeks supply of sachets, as i bought them before i went away, then i could start them as soon as i come home.

wouldn't have minded, but i've a raging headache, and could have had another hour in bed.
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Give her the benefit of the doubt, it could have been an emergency. Understand how you feel though, as a wee text to say she wouldn't make it would only have taken a second. How has it been getting back on plan after your holiday.
A similar thing happened to me, except the cdc was still in bed... I was a bit taken aback until I found out that she had only been in bed a couple of hours due to a close family member dying... she just hadn't heard her alarm...
so yes give her the benefit of the doubt but just keep trying to ring her.
Exactly the same thing happened to me previously.
And my CDC really had no excuse I gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time as we all lead busy lives.
But the second time it happened I found a new CDC.
I would keep trying her, but if she doesn't get back maybe start looking around........:D
she has just text me, she didn't have me penciled in.

Not a problem though, i've enough sachets to last a week.

so i've booked in for next week, just have to do the weight loss this week on my own scales.


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Is this the same CDC that you weighed 6lb more on her scales until she gave them a shake?
Is this the same CDC that you weighed 6lb more on her scales until she gave them a shake?
yes i stood on them, and i weighed heavier, than when i 1st started.

She picked them up, and she turned them upside down and put them back down.


Must do it this time
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please try again
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me thinks she needs new and better scales, how many clients have gotten the wrong weigh in results on scales that need a shake to get em working
i just go got my shakes now, i dont' trust her scales

i work of my own, which give me a better weightloss as well

plus there is no cheating with mine, as they record my weight, and store it in the memory

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