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I have achieved the unachievable.

lmao! It's true though! They are indestrucable those lumps!!!:D


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The (laborious, time-consuming) trick is to smoosh all the lumps against the side of the cup and smear them around. Then stir. Then repeat about 500 times. It's *almost* worth it :p


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Oh dear, mine have always been lump free. I make mine with a dash of milk in them (all counted for)

Put the milk in your cup first, then the options hot chocolate powder, mix to a paste. Let it settle for a moment and then add your hot water - stiring whilst you add it.

Voila! Lump free Options and it normally has some yummy froth on top :D

If you don't like adding milk then you could always add a little water and mix to a paste and then add the rest of the hot water :)
I have swapped sides. I am now a Highlights girl all the way. Any thoughts? I find it satisfies even hardcore chocolate cravings. Well, *most* of the time anyway. I'm having a Crunchie tonight. :p

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
ebettley - I've had the WW Caramel hot chocolate. It is so nice. :drool:

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