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I have been 100%....I don't get it!

Well I weighed myself in Boots today ahead of WI on Monday (I always do this) and I'm only at 0.5lb!! I don't get it. I'm really slowing down with my loss. I'd be happy with a pound a half BUT HALF! :sigh:

I truly have gave it 100% all week. Do you think if you eat the same food all of the time (ie, prawns, chicken, cottage cheese, etc) and don't mix it about more then you don't get the same effect?? :confused:

I was so positive yesterday, but just ate a milkyway cos annoyed with my weight loss. I'm not goign to let it spiral though. I've come too far for that.
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This is really the time!
My consultant always says to mix up what you eat. It keeps your body on it's toes.

She also said we gain or lose weight every 2-3 days. So, you may have lost more by wednesday. So, please don't become downhearted chick x


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I think if you eat the same things week after week your body gets used to it......try doing some different menus (look at the recipe threads for ideas) and increase your superspeed foods too.....why losing weight has to be a constant battle is beyond me...its hard enough being good as it is without our bodies not working with us!
Thanks for the advice. I'm going to rethink what I'm eating and completely change my menu. It's the only thing I can think it might be.

Thank you for the advice girls :)



This is really the time!
I don't know why I wrote wednesday lol...I meant Monday!!

Yeah, mixing it up may help. Superfree foods defo will. Good luck!


This is really the time!
For sure. It keeps me motivated mid week. Losses like you are inspirational. 2 stone is fab. Well done!:)
Our body weight changes from one minute to the next. Don't worry too much. Its best to weigh at the same time, and on the same day each week, I am sure you will get a more accurate reading.
Good luck with weigh in.


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I'm sure mixing up your foods would help, but also worth noting my weight went down by 3lbs during the course on the day on my WI. I started the day thinking I had STS, then I gained 1lb, then lost one... by the time I got to class I'd lost 2.5!! So don't get down, there is plenty of time for a change to happen :)

Mix up your foods, eat your syns and I'm sure you'll get a loss :D
Thanks all. I have downward spiralled a bit today in a "whats the point" mindset! BUT I'm determined to start afresh tomorrow, optimise to the max and go for a gruelling swim to burn off some of my syns from today :D

And Fuffs, you've probably just said the best thing you could say to me!! When I first joined this (not so long ago) I used to look at peoples losses and find them inspirational....I had no idea anyone would think the same of me one day! Thank you it's made a difference :D

Tomorrow is a new day :D

K xx


This is really the time!
Well, I speak with honesty and I am sooo glad it has helped. I have fallen off the wagon too many times. Each time I fall, I fall harder and gain more. It is not worth it.

Good luck with your plan reset tomorrow! :)
Right, so I have made an absolute final decision to no longer weigh myself before weigh in! This has been decided because today I went back to Boots and weighed myself (glutten for punishment, I know :rolleyes:) and it said 1.5lb loss....but they wobbled....their not on even ground.....aaarrrrggggghhh!!

Then, I went swimming. Whilst there I noticed scales. Put my money in and weighed again......3.5lb loss!! What!!

I haven't a scooby what weight I'm looking at and so, NO MORE WEIGHING FOR ME :D

I'll be good like I'm supposed to and only weigh at WI from now on. Lesson learnt :D