i have been naughty!


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Not the end of the world if you are right back on it tomorrow!!! Sometimes we just need a breather from the regime and hopefully it is out of your system and you are ready to plough on with Dukan full of verve and enthusiasm!!! Good luck!


No matter what, carry on!
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Naughty, naughty......

Well, it happened... no point crying over spilled ....full fat milk !


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I had two days off due to being ill this week. I put on 3lb but lost it in 2 days. But im not craving anything now. In a way it's done me good. But obviously shouldn't be made a habit of. Don't get down over it though. Aslong as you get back on track tomorrow you'll be okay, maybe do a little more exercise tomorrow to compensate for it. X


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Only gained 1/4lb so not too much damage done! PP day today to claw it back!