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I know I shouldn't but.........


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After having a particularly bad week health wise (the Dr has signed me off work for 2 weeks with stress). :mad: I got on my scales yesterday lunchtime and they read 11st 3lb.:) Ive got on again this morning and they read 11st 8lb.:mad: They are in exactly the same place and I can't understand why they are showing such a difference in less than 24 hours.
Its weigh in tonight and going off the last reading I may have even gained. I just don't know what to do. I haven't stuck to the plan 100% as I have been so stressed out about things, (made worse by a pre existing health condition).

Do I go to weigh in and bite the bullet or not (the stress of it is making me worse)
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Sometimes, the day before I weigh in, it can read up to 5lb heavier than what is show at WI the next day. Don't worry about it. Just go get weighed and see what happens x


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Go to WI and stay to Image Therapy (if you can). You'll feel so much better once you go. I had a gain last week and felt like crying (it's only my 3rd week now!) but I stayed to IT and really felt better.

I'm naughty as well, I weigh myself most days but I now know that I fluctuate throughout the week so I don't get too bothered about it now. It's just a check for me to make sure I'm going in the right direction.


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Sorry to hear about your health problems.
I would still go to WI as the stress of not knowing would make me feel even more stressed. Try to go on nice long walks, take nice hot aromatherapy baths and just try to chill out the next 2 weeks, but try to stick to plan if possible :)


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I definitely think you should go anyway to WI! Chances are if you have put on a bit you'll lose it really quickly! It's better that you know the truth of the situation and deal with it!! My fave SW saying is "when you've had a bad week you need the group, when you've had a good week the group needs you"! Is it your star week perhaps?! Our bodies are weird things- are you on any medication that could prohibit weight loss? The other thing I would recommend is hide your scales!! It's not good to obsess about your weight constantly at home between WIs! I would see what the SW scales say and take it from there! Good luck, it may not be as bad as you think!X


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It is coming up to star week so that could affect my loss. The medication that I am on has side effects of weight gain, but I thought that was whilst my body was adjusting to it?? Maybe I should ask my doctor next time I go.



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Yes that could be an idea, but don't give up- even if weight loss is a bit slower for you on your meds, SW is still a fab way of eating because it's just so healthy! It will have all sorts of health benefits as well as weight loss so please stick with it, and please go to WI and face the music!X

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I would still go and face the scales anyway Hun...you can deal with the results when you get them.