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I Made A Muffin!

I put 2 dessert spoons of boiling water in a teacup with about half a shake and mixed it together then kept adding water and poder until it was really thick.. then I put it in the micro for a minute. It wasn't perfect, I think I should have added a wee bit water, but it was heavenly to sit and eat something with a cuppa...

Any other flavours make a good muffin?


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Re: the "is it ok?" question people have. I have a thought on that, what do others think? I think, you need to empower yourself with whatever diet you choose. ANYHTHING is "ok". You are an adult and must make your own choices for everything but understand that every choice has a consequence. The CD has been formulated in a specific way for a reason so if you deviate from it then the chances are you may not get the results proven from "doing it the right way". However, not doing it "the right way" doesn't mean you are a failure, just that you have made a different choice. What do you think?
That's kind of what I was thinking Annie.. But I figured the calorific intake would be exactly the same and the water issue isn't really a problem as I'm drinking about 7 litres a day. I might not do it too often though just when I need a little treat..

Oh and my cuppa has totally revived me! I wish I had had tea from day 1! I just thought if I was cutting out food, alcohol and fags I'd be as well going for the total detox thing and going for caffiene too!

I was feeling rather shaky and weak but since my cuppa and muffin, I feel a lot better (and warmer!)

Oh right... never thought of that! :D

I haven't tried the banana shake yet... Don't normally like banana flavoured things. I hope I like it as I have 2 to get through!

What's the fruits of the forest one like anyone?


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fruits of the forest shake is lovely!!! I've never tried to make anything out of it though, just have it as a shake.. I have those, strawberry, vanilla (which I sometimes make hot with some coffee) and banana tetras for work. plus a few of the bars :)
I had the cappuccino shake this morning with hot water thinking it would maybe be like coffee... I thought it was vile.. I've not got a very sweet tooth so next week I'm going to buy more of the soups.. Mind you, I liked the toffee and walnut one and the vanilla was ok.. :)


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I've not tried the cappuccino shake (and won't bother now!!), I tried slimfast once and thought their cappuccino flavour was awful so I kinda figured I wouldn't like this either!!

my CDC suggested the coffee in a vanilla shake to make a sort of latte thing. it doesn't, so don't expect it to!! but it does make a nice vanilla coffee flavoured thing!!

I found the toffee and walnut quite sweet, i reckon that would be nice as a mousse, I can't be bothered making them though!
This is great guys! So many ideas, I feel positively positive and ready for my first day tomorrow! All the graphics look good too - it's going to take me some time to work it all out, but should keep my mind off my stomach tomorrow evening! Not much success so far in trying to get a picture on, or those little smilie things. I really have to go out for a walk before it's too late so have to go now - just reading all the posts is addictive - I've been here for ages! I'm really pleased to have found this site. Juliexx
Hiya Julie and :welcome:.
To get the majority of the graphics and icons etc etc you have to have done at least 50 posts. I find the word assosiation the quickest way to get your posts up.
Good luck and get posting.:D
Hello Julie and Welcome! I'm starting CD on Thursday, good luck and keep us posted on your progress!


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I may be wrong but the CDC's all say you can 'cook' one meal a day into a shake, porridge or pancake etc. I think its been a godsend for me. I'm not a milk shake person at all but if I can have a vanilla or butterscotch meal made into porridge it's fine. I've tried chocolate this way too and its nice.
It all prevents boredom from setting in.
I love CD
Just got back from a walk. Thanks for the welcome Sarah and Kelly. Came straight back on here - which isn't getting the housework done. Hoping to get the ironing finished before Dancing on Ice starts so I'd better get on with it. See you all tomorrow, and thanks again - I'm pants at making new friends so can't tell you how much it will mean to have people who understand. Julie xx

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