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I need wine!!! HELP I am preparing to totally sabotage my sucess!!

Oh my. Well I have already had 22 syns today (naughty fruit pastilles and tortila wraps!!) and all I want to do it go home tonight and sip wine and scoff a takeaway with my boyfriend..... I CANNOT LET MYSELF DO THIS!!

I have been off plan for the last 2 weeks and have not been to class. I did weigh myself on my home scales and it seems that I have put on 3 lbs in the two weeks...i must get back on track and see a loss this week :(

Does anyone have any red meal ideas (that are preferably free :) ) that I can ahve tonight rather than succumbing to a greasy chinese aarrgh!

Motivation needed eek

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What meat are you thinking of/have?

Have you used your hex a/b's yet?

We WILL find you something yummy to have!!!! Have you had a look at the recipe thread?

Any food that you really love/hate?
Well I have had 2 HexA's and 1 HexB so far today!

I hate seafood and dont really like red meat so its prob gonna be chicken or turkey for me! Any help is muchos appreciated ladies :)

gonna have a peek at the recipe thread now, but keep ideas coming xxx
How about making the free BBQ sauce to have with your chicken? Serve with a hex b of potato made into SW chips.

Soup is always a good stand-by. Or ratatouille. Both can be free foods.

Add some spices to your chicken....Chilli chicken with passata onions and mushrooms......Curry chicken......Cajun chicken etc.

Depending on what else you have had, could you mix things up, have a green day and use chicken/turkey as your hex b. That way you could make up your own Chinese with plenty of rice or noodles and it might not make you feel like you are missing out? I even think that someone had a recipe for syn free/low syn egg fried rice. Hmmmm.......might just have to have this for my tea now.....:rolleyes:


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Maybe this is a little late!!!

I'm having wine, it is friday after all :)

I'm having chicken & am cooking a jamie oliver recipie which I found on his website. It smells LOVELY. I didn't use the olive oil & cut quite a bit of the chicken skin off as with legs it can be fatty at the edges & I added a chopped yellow pepper. Am having it with salad & a little rice.

Here's the link :-

Tender & crisp chicken legs recipe (with sweet tomatoes) | Chicken recipes & main courses | Jamie Oliver recipe

Hope you have a good evening



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OK so this is probably FAR too late! SO, draw a line under it and start again! DON'T wait till monday, or you will have put another pound on!
Just start another week and count it from there. Now you can either do that or what? Do you really want to just continue putting weight on? If you do , you are going the right way about it! If you don't, then you need to commit to SW and either go to class or join online or join us and follow the plan. We can't do it for you, you have to do it for yourself! I'm not being horrible! Just honest! Join us! Do it! You won't regret it!

Wacky Jacky

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ooooohhhhhh, this will be far too late for last night's plan of action but whatever you ate and drank, I hope you enjoyed it and can get straight back on track with SW plan today ......... put the last couple of weeks behind you and look to the future! Best o'luck'n'stuff!

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