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Hi All

Well I will hit the big 40 in February 2012 and after seeing the photos of me at my husbands 40th Toga party :cry: decided a drastic body overhaul was required. Joined SW after going a week alone and I am now in my 5th week. Week 3 was a complete washout :break_diet:, with 1 lub on, but for once I didn't self sabotage and kept going and this week (Monday) lost 5 lubs :). I'm going to keep a diary of what I eat on here and hopefully some of you other SWers will help keep me on track. I realllly neeed your support please I don't want to be fat at forty :wave_cry:
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OoOOOh I may well have to follow you as Im hitting 40 in December this year *although if anyone asks -Im 22* :p

Im also 5ft6" and 198.5lbs -so not much different to you :D

SO then -shall we agree to make sure neither of us ends up fat n 40 :vibes:

Hope you have another good week and well done on you loss for this week :happy096:
Hi Capricorn...Thanks and definately agreed...here's to thin at forty and beyond lol. You have already done so well you must be so proud :D

Here's what I had yesterday:

B: 2 wholemeal toast (HEB)and marmalade (1syn)
L: Batchelors thai chilli rice with veg
D: Homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise (loads of extra veg in it) (1syn) with parmesan cheese (HEA)
snacks: banana, apple,2 finger kitkat(5.5syns),milk(2syns), weightwatchers cheese bites x2 (7syns), yoghurt

went a bit over on the syns but had some left over from day before :eek:
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Hi Sloane46 - Little sis here! I am all joined up no - Started yesterday and aiming for 10st 10lb. Going well today. had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, Just had 3 eggs for a mid morning snack and am cooking a herby chicken dish with rice for dinner tonight - love my slow cooker! Catch you later - don't forget to post post post!
Hi Chassyroo
Day 2 Red
L-prawn stirfry
T-salmon with teriyaki sauce, cauli,broccoli and carrots...might add courgettes with garlic tomatoes as well ymmm
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Day 3 Green
B-coffee got up late
L-Jacket potato, cottage cheese,salad and baked beans
T-Chinese steak and peppers with charlotte potatoes
Dessert-strawberries and ice cream (3syns)

snacks-yoghurt, 2x pears, egg

How you getting on Chassyroo?
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Day 4 EE
B+L gammon, poached egg and tinned tomatoes
T- chicken. broccoli, peppers, onions and carrots with lemon and ginger sauce (5 syns) + rice

snacks-pear. 2x wm toast with jam (HEB+2syns)
Wow Sloane - your grub sounds delicious!. I have been having fruit and a forme yoghurt for breakfast. Forme yoghurts are free over here from what I have read on the SW Australia forum. I have had been doing EE most days but yesterday I had too many HEBs as I had some Arnotts vita wheat crackers with very very thin cheese slices on whilst watching a film! I have stocked up on loads of veggies and fruit and chicken and pork fillet and got an enormous bag of prawns to have stir fries with. I might evenhave it with melon as a starter/snack. Today I had a big chink of roast pork fillet (leftovers), strawberries and oranges for my lunch and I am doing a sticky pork with rice and vegetables for dinner. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 2 lubs already I think it is because I have stopped drinking beer - I am only drinking wine. I have the hots for hot water at the moment too so I drink kettles of it all day and night. I really think it helps to flush toxins away and probably fills me up a bit too. You are going for super slinky at 10st 7lbs eh! I remember when you got to that last time! Here's looking forward to healthier ladies in size 12 which is probably size 10 here!

Take care and keep posting. Cx
Hi Chassy

Glad you still on the SW journey. I am being so good and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips since I started. I am trying to limit my drinking to when I go out or maybe as a reward for every 1/2 stone loss I will see how it goes. How do you make sticky pork? Fingers crossed for good losses for us both on Monday weigh in :)

Day 5 Green
B-1 toast and jam (1/2 HEB and 1syn)
L-1/2 pack broccoli and cheese pasta n sauce made with water but added cheese after (HEA)
T-Fanta chicken n prawns (HEB)with extra veg and rice (used some tinned pineapple so 2syns)

snacks-flake (8.5syns) might have other part of HEB later with a ex lite laughing cow(1syn) cheese and tomato
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Day 6 Green

B-coffee....I know really have to sort out my mornings :break_diet:
L-2x wm toast with(HEB) with 2 ex light laughing cow cheeses (part of HEA)
T-homemade tandoori masala curry (3syns) with sw chips and pilau rice

Snacks-cheese n onion hula hoops (approx 5 syns didn't have them all ), mullerlight

Went for a fast walk today with Ian , molly and the dog to Moses gate park then back via Rawson street. According to walkit.com that's 3 miles and 300 cals burned.....well it's a start!
Just a thought....has anyone tried replacing coconut milk in a curry with a coconut flavour Mullerlight?
Hi there again,

You are having plenty of variety eh? Well first week done and dusted and I weighed in this morning 3lbs lighter! I am so pleased. Had fruit and forme yoghurt this morning and then 4 boiled eggs with potato sprinkle (salt and spices for wedges) for my mid morning snackette!. Have made tandoori chicken for lunch which I will have with an enormous salad and maybe some rice. The sticky pork was a packet and holds syns but across the family it is not so bad. Beef stir fry with rice for tea tonight. Loads and loads of hot water and the obligatory wine this evening watching channel 9! I am doing really well as I've not had choccies or biscuits at all this week which I had grown rather accustomed to!:sigh:

Anyway, can't wait to see what you have lost. - I bet it is 4-5lbs easily if you are not quaffing vodka! Keep on track today and another walk would be brilliant for you! I might walk down to collect the squidgies tonight if the rain holds off!

Ta ra! Cx
Well done chassyroo you will hit your target months in advance at this rate. Can I have a drum roll please....drrrrummmm rrroollllll......I have lost 7lubs yippee! 70 to go :D. Not a drop of alcohol has yet to touch my lips and you know just what an achievement that is lol. I must admit the first 3 days were horrible with restless legs and not being able to sleep but post detox I feel really good and my face no longer looks puffy.
Here's Sundays nosh:

Day 7 Green
B+L -2 slices bacon(1/2 HEB plus couple of syns), 1 quorn sausage,1 toast(1/2 HEB), tomatoes, mushrooms and an egg
T-Stew, spuds and cabbage

snacks-yoghurt, banana,flake(8.5 syns), ex lite cheese traingles (HEA), sw crisps(I know you think I should syn these but I'm not going to as only used the peelings anyway :p)

Here's to another good week Chas
Yippee yippee yippee! I knew it - I knew you would do marvelously!!!!! Now listen to me.... this is a very real achievement for you and 4-7lbs is a very real possibility for the next 2-3 weeks if you continue. Can you imagine? 1.5 - 2 stones in 4 weeks. You will be well on the road to where you want to be! I have noticed that the chocolate is creeping in on your posts though so in the interests of avoiding self sabotage try to have your boiled eggs and perhaps the chocolate flavour Muller lights on hand when you get the cravings. They are nice frozen too if you fancy an ice cream type snack. You could even crumble just a touch of flake on to get the same feeling but with reduced syns. Great idea eh?! I am going to hang up my black slimmyslinkster dress tomorrow to keep me spurred on - I already feel better!

I have worked out that drinking coffee made me want chocolate so now I am on the hot water, that craving isn't happening. Fab eh! I am hoping to get another 2-3 off this week.

By the way, where is your ticker thing?

I had fillet steak and salad for tea it was delish! I followed it with a apple pie flavoured forme yoghurt - lush! Darren had the same but with chips lol!

Tomorrow will feature fruit and yoghurt, some eggs at some point (lots boiled and in the fridge ready), oranges, tandoori chicken, salad and more salad for lunch (I have a tupperware tub full of diced pepper (capsicum here!) tomatoes and cucumber so it is easy to grab, loads of hot water then a chicken dish with rice for dinner. Crackers n cheese a glass of chilled heaven!

Keep posting it helps with the focus eh!

By the way, I will email you tomorrow as I am going to do some before and after photos haha! Just me and an ill fitting bikini ewwwww!

Soon to be Slinky Cx
Hi Chassy
Thanks for posting what you're eating for lunches this will come in handy when I'm back in work in September. I know what you mean re the chocolate but it helps as I feel like I'm being a bit naughty even though I'm not :p. I didn't know they did chocolate Muller lights but I will be on the look out now. Can you see my ticker thing now? I can see it so I don't know what's happening with it. I ran out of eggs and its been a lean week (let Rosie have some of her Xmas money early as she bought a new laptop)so will stock up on nibbles and goodies on Friday when Ian gets paid. I've seen an ice cream recipe on here that I fancy trying at 1 syn a scoop. Do you know which cones are only 1 syn? Can you get SW magazine in Oz? I will send a bikini pic of me as well.....open with caution lol as it will be SCARY!!! Ian and kids loved having SW KFC tonight, definitely one to make again.

Week 2 day 1 Green
B-porridge (syrup flavour) (HEB +2syns?)
T-SW KFC chicken drumsticks(HEB +2 syns), savoury rice and veg.

snacks-yoghurt, pear
Hi there - still cannot see your ticker - how weird - can you see mine? Lunches vary depending what we have in - I will be having tandoori chicken again today with salad however when I am in the office I tend to take a low cal soup - farmhouse vegetable and have lots of fruit on my desk. The of course I make sure I have lots of hot water! I will make my own this weekend ready for next week as I will need something quick and easy as I will be interviewing all day most days until the end of September. I am travelling a bit too so will get to see some sights hopefully.

Let's get healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care and keep it going Slinky Sis!

Hi Chas

Yes I can see your ticker. I have re-entered my ticker code so let me know if you can see mine now.
Had a walk to Asda with Molly to burn off a few extra cals brought back memories of lugging D's weekly shopping when I was a teenager and the bags digging into my hands. I have made 1 syn chocolate ice cream and it is in the freezer as I type shouting my name lol I will have to wait til later as its not frozen yet. I also picked up some choc gems as a treat....may crumble them into my ice cream. yummy. I couldn't find chocolate Muller lights where did you get them from?

Week 2 Day 2 Green

B-1 wm toast(3syns) with ex lite cheese(part of HEA)
L-quorn burger (1/2 syn?)on bread(HEB) with tomato, cheese(rest of HEA) and burger relish (1syn)
T-cottage pie (HEB for meat)with baked beans

Snacks-mug of homemade veg soup, will be having 1 syn ice cream and choc gems (6 syns) later

How have you got on today?
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Where is my motivational soon to be slinky partner today? I hope your absence isn't evidence of shying off from the challenge sis!

So weird! Your post has come up now! Good effort having a walk with the lovely Mollster! The goodies are really creeping in sis! Take care! The choccy mullers are either vanilla with choc sprinkles or chocolate orange - I think there was a cherry and dark choc one too. They always had them in Asda! Oh and don't forget the toffee one - beautiful mixed with quark for a creamy no syn dessert! Here is today's grub

B - Fruit n yoghurt
L - eggs and fruit with potato sprinkles
Snacks - Apple, pear
D - Steakette (like a lean meatloaf) with new potatoes, carrots, peas and a smidge of gravy.
LS - Crackers with thinly sliced cheddar and 2 LC lights and 2 glasses of chilled marvelousness - v naughty!
Drinks - Loads of hot water and 2 lite cappucinos (also naughty but helps with my HEAs)
Off to bed now as I need my beauty sleep and my body has some lubs to remove whilst I sleep! (wishful thinking lol!)

Take the greatest of care


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