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I really don't know what to do. Sooo fed up!!


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I ahve maintained yet again. I am so fed up. I went back to basics this week. weighed everything. Wrote diary. Did EE, but to be hnest I ate very few carbs. I went to gym. I ate loads of superfree, and some speeds. I stayed the same!!!! I had already paid for a 6 week countdown too. I was so sure that i must have lost. How could I not ahve done? AAAGHHHH!!!
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I'm new to the diet too and don't do EE so can't really suggest anything from EE point of view, but you say you go to the gym have you measured? Drinking plenty of water? I really notice a difference when I keep my water intake up. Sorry if that's not much help I'm sure the others will be able to suggests something.


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Have you been eating enough? If you're going to the gym and you haven't had many carbs could be your body is holding onto what you've got.
On EE the only thing you have to weigh is your healthy extras. Have you had all your syns? If you cut back you don't lose. Are you eating the same things? You must vary your food or like at the gym if you don't change your exercise regime you don't improve.
Post us a days eating and we can see if we can help.


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B - Youghurt raspberries and blueberries
S - Banana choc brazil 3 syns
L - Asda pitta a tin oftomato mackeral - B
S - 2 scan bran with blue cheese delhi - A 1syn
T - prawn and veg stirfry with cous cous stirred in
S - Choc 7.5 syns OPptions 2 syns

Total 12.5 syns

B - youghurt blueberries raspberries All Bran and milk A & B
L - egg, bacon sausage (2.5) tomatoes
S Alpen Light (3) one bte of daughters cake (3ish)
T - BNS and red lentil curry with wholemeal rice
S - youghurt and summer fruits. OPtions (2)

Total 10.5 syns

B - Puffed wheat (B) milk (A)
S - BAnana
L - Bacon, eggg, tomatoes
S choc (3) HAlf an alpen light (2)
T - LAmb broccoli, carrots, courgettes, gravy (1). Cooked banana (4) with banana and custard yog warmed through
S - options (2)
Total 12

B - yoghurt and summerfruits
S - choc brazil (3) 2 marshmallows (3) 10 smarties (3)
L - home made veg soup
T - roasted peppers, pork escalopes, salad, apple sauce (1) EL mayo (0.5)
S - yoghurt andd raspberries. 2 scan bran

B - Yoghurt and summerfruits
S - digestive (3.5) malted milk (2)
L - Egg, ham, Asda Pitta (B) 28g cheese (A)
S - home made veg soup. banana. Manderines
T - chicken courgettes
S - choc brazil (3) options (2)
Total 10.5

WEdnesday red
B - 28g puffed wheat (B) milk(A)
S - digestive (3.5) crisps (4)
L - home made veg soup
S - Banana. Hi fi (B)
T - chicken and vegetables
S - oranges lemon muller (1) choc (2)
Total 10.5

B - Banana, pear
S - crisps (5)
L - egg, noodles, salad dressing (2) Hifi (B)
S - jellyu beans (3)
T - omelette with courgettes
Yoghurt raspberries

Total 10

That's my last week




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would there be anything wrong with this diet ?

breakfast.. porridge oats with treacle

mid day or afternoon.. plain slow-cooked chicken, and piles of veggies.

6 or 7 o clock....ish.... home made soup, or a piece of chicken, lots of salad,

during the day if peckish ( but usually not.. lots of fruit..any, apple pear banana orange grapes, as many as I want )

exercise every day ( walking...moving, trampoline jog/dance )

no hunger.. weight going down ok, not alot to lose, another, say 7 to 10 lbs.. good luck..


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no, sorry, its just my own way of eating, I dont really do diets, but try to choose healthier food and snacks..its done me ok so far.. where can I find details of the slimming world way though please ?..just to get a few tips, I love to see what others are doing to keep the weight down.. thanks!


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Your food looks fine to me. The only thing I'd suggest is perhaps...more of it? I dunno! If you're being that good all the time, then you should be losing...and it could just be that you're due a whoosh when it all catches up with you.
Do you drink plenty of water?

Judi's points are great - if you're exercising you need carbs for fuel and your body might be fighting you to hang onto its fat reserves!

Sometimes there's a thing as being tooooo good as well. Harsh but true. Weirdly, I tend to do better on the weeks I am less good.

It's hard not to get disheartened when you hit a little plateau. We all go through it at some point. Keep eating through it. Mix things up and be assured that if you're really doing it 100% you will lose it eventually.

Don't forget your measurements. Keep checking! They can give you hope when the scales don't.


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I wish I was hitting a plataeu. I am the same weight as when I started in September. I thought I was eating quite alot of veg and salad to be honest. There was tonnes went in the veg soup. A whole BNS in the curry. Courgetes in an omelette. Loads of veg with the meat. I dunno. Next week will be my last without a decent loss. Then, I dunno, counting points, celebrity slim, or low carb. Or just stay fat. I'm doing that anyway.



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I can't understand why you're struggling so much when you're obviously doing everything right. Could it be something medical? Or, I know you can spend your syns as you please but there is alot of sugar in your diary maybe it doesn't agree with you?


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The only thing I could see was that 3 of your lunches didn't have any superfree foods (Fri, Tues, Thurs). With EE, EVERY meal must have at least 1/3 of the plate with superfrees. But other than that, it looks good to me!


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You're at a class right? Have you discussed your food diaries with your consultant?

We can all give you loads of things to try but your consultant can give you one-to-one advice...and also if you're keeping paper diaries, showing her and nothing's working, you can get your £s back (not sure on the T&Cs but I am sure you can somehow).

If it's not that you're not eating enough, perhaps you're eating too much? Are you just eating til you're satisfied rather than feeling stuffed silly? I am clutching at straws for you now!

As mentioned, have you considered if you've got any food intolerances? Could you try doing a week of green or EE, or a speed food challenge?