I think I am moving jobs lol


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I currently work in the call centre and as I was leaving today the big boss lady called me and said and I quote ' What is your wishlist with regards to departmental moves' (err my wishlist at the moment is to get home) I said I had not got any so she asked if I wanted to stay in the call centre and I said not really as I am so bored so she said that I will be put on the wishlist to go into an investigations role and I should be going in 6 weeks.
This is really unexpected but not unpleasent just wanted to share
I wish for a large house in Ponteland, an open-top Jag and a billion quid in the bank.
Erm ...that'll do me. Not greedy, see? lol
Classy suburb of the toon! Well, I say classy - it's full of nouveau riche, darling. Footballers and the like!

Where I live in Gosforth, it's old money lol (true actually! Luckily mum bought here donkeys years ago - I could never afford to live here now!)