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Stabilization I think that is it for me :-)


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First time of properly dieting but feeling motivated. Have had an underactive thyroid for years and only now is it getting to the stage it is properly medicated. I am hoping that the Dukan diet will be the one to kick my body into action.

So this morning have had his oat pancake with roast chicken breast and cottage cheese. Suprisingly filling and more than I would eat at this time.

Have all the foods in that I can eat and will eat so will just make it up as I go along. Have to also cook for hubby and 3 year old and love my vegetables. Attack should only be 3 days.
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Hi Poppy and sorry no one's responded yet! Dunno where they all are - it's not even as if they're sunning themselves!

Can you fill out your User Cp so that we see what you weigh now, and your height etc.

Good luck!


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It's ok, getting used to this forum. Already got a few ideas of new things I can eat. Managed to stay on the straight and narrow today, even whilst strawberry picking at the allotment. My god the smell was heavenly.


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Poppy - while I don't applaud your decision to start Dukan at your current weight and BMI (it's very difficult to consolidate and stabilise your weight loss after a diet which eliminates food groups, so it's only recommended for the "overweight")... I am staggered at being able to strawberry pick without scoffing at least one ;)

Have you started the diet yet? Can we help you find something else or, at least, omit phases 1 and 2 and start with phase 3... it'll be lower calorie than your previous eating and you'll lose - slower, but without taking carbs and fats out of your eating plan only to have to gradually reintroduce which is so hard and takes a long time.


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Hi, yes it wasn't easy to resist the strawberries and then I made jam! Well at least I get to eat them later in the year.

As for the diet. The issue I have is an under active thyroid. It has been undermedicated for years due to non understanding Drs and the weight has crept up on me (along with a tonne of other symptoms). I started to record my calorie intake very accurately and to loose 1lb over 10 days my intake had to be 800-1000 calories. That is extremely hard to do and took 2 months to loose 5lbs and then stopped.

My medication is now much improved and my weight is stable and I have managed to keep off those 5lbs for a year so feel this is now the time to try again but after those 2 months of low calories it is not something I want to try again. This diet, after looking at them all, seems to suit my need to eat something different, something clearly defined, no guess work.

I appreciate I am not obese or even overweight but I am very heavy for my frame and it is impacting my health. Having read his book, almost to the end now, I cannot see where it says it is only for the obese or overweight. My intention is to loose the weight until my body is comfortable, whatever the scales say, the goal weight on here is what the Dukan site came up for me, I will probably not want to loose as much.


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I can see you've thought it through, and done your research, which would mean that you're ready to see the full four phases through. Good for you. (Unfortunately a lot of new people are starting out, giving up, and regaining loads, so I try to deter where I can!!).

Sooo... menus? What are you gonna eat?! Do you like to cook?


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I love to cook so will try and incorporate my meals in with the family meals. Last night I ate roast chicken and a yoghurt dip I made with some cottage cheese. Very bland looking but did the job. The family had roast chicken with salad and bread followed by icecream and raspberries. (I hate raspberries so no issue there and I am not much of a dessert eater).

Today for dinner, I am making meatballs. Have picked a load of herbs from the allotment and will bake mine in the oven and make a herby dip with it along with the pancake. They will have the same meatballs but in a lovely tomato sauce with pasta and cheese. Looking at what I can have in the introducing vegetable stage I can eat the sauce minus the cheese and pasta which I am happy with.

It is a big change for me, I am a carb lover but I know I can stick with this for a few weeks if I am imaginative.

Believe it or not the hardest thing was resisting the olives my 3 year old insisted she wanted. They are my total weakness and I had to get my hubby to open them up and put them on her plate as I was not sure I could actually resist putting one (or more in my mouth). She told me they were lovely! She doesn't know I am on a diet and I want to loose the weight before it gets in her head about weight/body issues.

Thank you for your concern, it is appreciated.


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I replied to this and it seems to be lost. Does that happen?

My reply was that I love to cook so I am hoping to be creative. I am a saucy person so the dry food is just not my taste so yoghurt and herbs and garlic will be a mainstay.

Tonight I am making herby meatballs (just pick the herbs from the allotment) with shallots. Mine are flattened and being cooked in the oven, theirs are fried in olive oil and then made into a tomato sauce with balsamic vinegar. I hope to try and keep our meals similar so to save on effort and trauma!

I shall be glad when vegetables are added back in but today I am feeling less hungry so happy about that. Only 1 and bit more days of attack so can't complain too much and have lost 1lb so far.


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So day 2 of attack and I ate:
B - yoghurt and some chicken slices
L- 2 scrambled eggs with chicken slices
D- meatballs with shallots and herbs, baked in oven with garlic and chive yoghurt dip and oat meal pancake. Vanilla yoghurt to dessert.
Drank my 1.5 litres plus of water, black coffee with one milky coffee (skimmed of course)
Snacked on chicken slices.

Feel good, did my 20 min walk and enjoyed the time to myself, no headache, no weakness, no lightheadedness. Ready for the challenge of day 3!


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Day 3 of attack and I am pleased to say I have not cheated once (miracle for me :))

B Yoghurt and some chicken slices
L Boiled egg, cottage cheese and chicken slices
D grilled salmon with mustard/lime sauce, oat bran pancake, cottage cheese and yoghurt/chive/garlic dip.

Have snacked on chicken slices inbetween and drank lots of water and black coffee. Going to treat myself to a coffee made with skimmed milk after my walk. Busy day, worked on the allotment for 5 hours.

Tomorrow vegetables - yay! Have lost 2lbs.


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Congratulations on your loss! Bet you are looking forward to the veg! I was soooo excited when I could have it for the first time. The first thing I ate was a spring onion and was totally totally amazing lol xx


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Lol, isn't it amazing the things we miss. I made myself up some tomato ketchup minus the sugar to have on PV days and licked my finger with the puree on it. Tasted amazing. I have so far managed to resist licking my fingers of anything that isn't allowed.

Just made some cookies for the family and looking at the ingredients I can see I am only allowed the boiling water! Talk about torchure!!

My dinner is smelling so good. I have made chicken breasts, diced, cooked with red onions, celery, courgettes and 3 tinneds of tomatoes. Flavoured with fresh oregano and basil and balsamic vinegar. Family want theirs with rice and parmasan cheese, I am so excited about having sauce and vegetables!!

How are you finding the diet?


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Sounds lovely. I'm on a PP day today so your meal sounds amazing! Lol.

I'm finding it fine. Difficult when I'm out. Was at a wedding yesterday so promptly moved all the stuff I couldn't eat onto my friends plate hahah. That way I wasn't tempted.

I don't feel like I'm on a diet to be honest it's been really easy to stick to and turned me into a bit of a chef. How are u finding it so far? X


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You did really well at the wedding. I have nothing coming up at the moment that I need to avoid with food. I have a wedding in August but should be done by then and can use it as a celebration meal. My husband is being very supportive, bless him, so I have said when I get to my goal (or what I feel is my goal - the one listed is Dukan suggestion), then he will buy me a new dress and take me out for a meal. :)

Not finding it too bad. First day was the hardest as I think it shocked me, not my body! I am not someone that eats huge lumps of meat but I am getting my head around it now. I like to cook so will start getting more adventurous as it goes on. Need to find the Dukan friendly mint sauce (all the shops I have tried so far have not had it) as that will make a lovely dip with yoghurt and cumin.


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Another lb off, so happy with that. Today will be a bit more a challenge as I have to go out. Hope to be back for lunch but can't take snacks with me as it is a playcentre. :-(

Feel so good on this diet. I am sleeping well but needing less and waking refreshed. All good.


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Well that was a challenge. For future reference I will need to have a very good breakfast before doing that! So much temptation around me. One child have delicious smelling chips, one child eating a chocolate bar. Me with my black coffee!

But I feel so good I went on the play equipment, managed to contort myself around the small openings and slide down the rather large tube slide. Good times.

B yoghurt
L cottage cheese and low fat ham slices
D Chicken marinated in yoghurt and gram masala and chilli, pancake and yoghurt and mint sauce dressing.
No snacks so far, haven't had time.

Bit low on water, will up it for rest of today plus a walk.


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Crashed at about 6pm last night. Think it was because I didn't eat enough in the morning and it caught up with me. Ended up eating a pot of cottage cheese at 10pm! and felt seriously snacky and wanted something sweet (which of course there is nothing). Definately need to be more pro active before I go out anywhere I cannot take food.

Anyway, another lb off and it PV today. Yay


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Minty sauce you can probably make easily. Try fine chopped mint with apple or balsamic vinegar and a pinch of Splenda.


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Is the minty sauce in relation to my needing a sugar fix or how to make a mint sauce? Never heard of apple vinegar, may look that one up, sounds delicious :)

B - left over chicken with minty/yoghurt dip
L - left over chicken and vegetable casserole
D - tuna with celery and Dukan mayo (wont make again) on gallete with vegetables.
S - chicken slices and vegetable sticks.

Have drunk loads and feel better than yesterday at this time albeit with a seriously bruised foot after falling half way down the stairs! Been to the allotment and not eaten even a tiny amount of the most heavenly smelling strawberries. Now thinking of ways to preserve them for the next 5 weeks or so!!