Icemoose - I THANK YOU!


Of course I can!
Hi Icemoose

Hope you got back ok.

I just wanted to say a huge


for getting me round The Great "phissing down with rain" South Run yesterday. :eek:

For those of you that were not there and tucked up at home, having a nice cuppa/shake! :cool:, Mike stayed with me around the whole 10 miles yesterday and made sure I got round in one piece. Im sure he could have done it far quicker on his own but he didn't budge.

There were several times, hmm around Mile 8 Mike when the terrential Rain really started to batter us in the face!:mad: As well as the waves!!! (i managed to miss them but Mike got one right in the face!) when I could have given up. Mike helped me Dig In, when my legs were certainly saying "stop you silly cow".

SO THANKS ALOT- I got my medal, my t-shirt and alot of proud smiles! Especially from my Hubby and Kids!

Oh and I also got extremely aching muscles from the waist down! - I look like a 90 year old this morning!

You are an inspiration a motivation and bloody lovely geeza!



Im waiting for official time but mine was 2hours 37 odd - mike ran the last bit so was quicker.

Congratulations to you both and anyone else who ran the race too!

Dizzy x
Well done to all that took part.

Icemoose is one hell of a guy and always gives excellent advice and support.

Hope your legs recover Nats!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks peeps.

I hope my legs are better tomorrow - still it was all worth it. I got to meet Mike and Helen as well as raising dosh for a good cause.

So the aches and pains/rain soaked skin was well worth it.

Now for the next challenge of getting the 3 stone i've put back on - back off!

I know I can do anything now, if I set my mind to it! Even if I do need someone to push me along now and again :O)

Hope you all have a fab week.

Nuts x
Hi Nat!

I am walking like Douglas Bader today!!! Every time i sit down i get stiff and have to limp about - reckon i need double hip and knee replacements!!

I've looked up my official time - 2 hrs 15 mins 56 seconds and came 9850th!!

I was so overwhelmed as my aim (after realising i would be able to get round) was inside 2hrs 30.

Well done you two - god how awful was that weather!?? I had a bloke called Big Dave helping me through the last 3 miles that were very hard going!

Great to meet you - are you signing up for next year?
Bumping for Icemoose

Anyone seen Icemoose!

He didn't stay down in Portsmouth did he?

HELLO where ever you are

Well done to all who took part !

fabulous achievement :)

hope ur 'achey' bits feel better soon !


I can walk today!! Going to go for a little jog tomorrow and attempt a 5k local race next wednesday! Reckon i may as well keep it up now!
I can walk today!! Going to go for a little jog tomorrow and attempt a 5k local race next wednesday! Reckon i may as well keep it up now!

lol ! good for you....I'd love to be able to run but always fell like I'm gonna die !!!

so - stick to walking myself ;)

Good luck for the 5k !

Bumped for Icemoose!!!

Hels - how did the 5k go on Weds?

Are you two suffering from black toes? I am boooooo!

Nats x
Hiya guys!!

Sorry been away for a week at short notice but am back at the table now and pulling up a chair and pouring a glass of summer berry.

Trying to work back through the posts to see what everyone has been up to but thousands of em to get through!!

My little toe is a right mess!!!

haha well put Icemoose! Good to hear from you. Hope you and family are well.

My big toes both have gone black hahahah, ewwww - nice!

Signed up for the Santa Run on 9th December around Battersea Park, yep dressed as Santa. 6k - hoping to run some of it and im also hoping it isn't a terrential downpour like Portsmouth was hahahha.

Im going back on Cambridge tomorrow - going to do 790 until 7th December, then on 8th I have an Xmas do! 9th the run!

HERE GOES! for the gazillionth time! But im having a date not a weight! See how it goes.


HELS? How did you do???
Hi hon -its this wednesday but i think i'm going to give this month's a miss as i started ssing on Sat and will be on day 5 so thought it would be better to do it when i've got a bit more energy.

No toe problems! I did an hour's resistance work out on Wednesday and then a 5 mile run on Friday - but i found it really really hard - think the wednesday work out got to me as i haven't been using those muscles for a while!

Going for short run tomorrow and thurs and doing a resistance hour on wed instead of the 5k!

Am determined to keep this up!