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Icemoose - I THANK YOU!


Of course I can!
Hi Icemoose

Hope you got back ok.

I just wanted to say a huge


for getting me round The Great "phissing down with rain" South Run yesterday. :eek:

For those of you that were not there and tucked up at home, having a nice cuppa/shake! :cool:, Mike stayed with me around the whole 10 miles yesterday and made sure I got round in one piece. Im sure he could have done it far quicker on his own but he didn't budge.

There were several times, hmm around Mile 8 Mike when the terrential Rain really started to batter us in the face!:mad: As well as the waves!!! (i managed to miss them but Mike got one right in the face!) when I could have given up. Mike helped me Dig In, when my legs were certainly saying "stop you silly cow".

SO THANKS ALOT- I got my medal, my t-shirt and alot of proud smiles! Especially from my Hubby and Kids!

Oh and I also got extremely aching muscles from the waist down! - I look like a 90 year old this morning!

You are an inspiration a motivation and bloody lovely geeza!



Im waiting for official time but mine was 2hours 37 odd - mike ran the last bit so was quicker.

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Of course I can!
Thanks peeps.

I hope my legs are better tomorrow - still it was all worth it. I got to meet Mike and Helen as well as raising dosh for a good cause.

So the aches and pains/rain soaked skin was well worth it.

Now for the next challenge of getting the 3 stone i've put back on - back off!

I know I can do anything now, if I set my mind to it! Even if I do need someone to push me along now and again :O)

Hope you all have a fab week.

Nuts x


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Well done you lot. I did the Race for life last year and thought I would die so you guys are fab!:) :)
Hi Nat!

I am walking like Douglas Bader today!!! Every time i sit down i get stiff and have to limp about - reckon i need double hip and knee replacements!!

I've looked up my official time - 2 hrs 15 mins 56 seconds and came 9850th!!

I was so overwhelmed as my aim (after realising i would be able to get round) was inside 2hrs 30.

Well done you two - god how awful was that weather!?? I had a bloke called Big Dave helping me through the last 3 miles that were very hard going!

Great to meet you - are you signing up for next year?


Of course I can!
Bumping for Icemoose

Anyone seen Icemoose!

He didn't stay down in Portsmouth did he?

HELLO where ever you are

Well done to all who took part !

fabulous achievement :)

hope ur 'achey' bits feel better soon !


I can walk today!! Going to go for a little jog tomorrow and attempt a 5k local race next wednesday! Reckon i may as well keep it up now!
lol ! good for you....I'd love to be able to run but always fell like I'm gonna die !!!

so - stick to walking myself ;)

Good luck for the 5k !



Of course I can!
Bumped for Icemoose!!!

Hels - how did the 5k go on Weds?

Are you two suffering from black toes? I am boooooo!

Nats x
Hiya guys!!

Sorry been away for a week at short notice but am back at the table now and pulling up a chair and pouring a glass of summer berry.

Trying to work back through the posts to see what everyone has been up to but thousands of em to get through!!

My little toe is a right mess!!!



Of course I can!
haha well put Icemoose! Good to hear from you. Hope you and family are well.

My big toes both have gone black hahahah, ewwww - nice!

Signed up for the Santa Run on 9th December around Battersea Park, yep dressed as Santa. 6k - hoping to run some of it and im also hoping it isn't a terrential downpour like Portsmouth was hahahha.

Im going back on Cambridge tomorrow - going to do 790 until 7th December, then on 8th I have an Xmas do! 9th the run!

HERE GOES! for the gazillionth time! But im having a date not a weight! See how it goes.


HELS? How did you do???
Hi hon -its this wednesday but i think i'm going to give this month's a miss as i started ssing on Sat and will be on day 5 so thought it would be better to do it when i've got a bit more energy.

No toe problems! I did an hour's resistance work out on Wednesday and then a 5 mile run on Friday - but i found it really really hard - think the wednesday work out got to me as i haven't been using those muscles for a while!

Going for short run tomorrow and thurs and doing a resistance hour on wed instead of the 5k!

Am determined to keep this up!

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