Total Solution ideas to help me drink water!!

Discussion in 'Exante - Recipes' started by Constantstar, 9 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Constantstar

    Constantstar Full Member

    hello guys, I'm on oral solution day 5. i need advice on how to drink 2-4 litres of water a day. I'm not even managing a litre at the moment and i don't want to get dehydrated . i also have heard the water helps you slim!

    I've just cottoned on that i can drink sparkling water so il do that. I've just ordered orange flavouring for the water too which will be here tommo.

    Any advice would be much appreciated xx
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  3. Starshine

    Starshine Full Member

    I have been drinking green tea without milk, then topping it up so its weaker as I drink. Also hot water which I am getting used to now...also on day 5, Total Solution. As its such cold weather the boiled water seems easier for me.
    I did also try the Exante mulled wine and that is really nice made with warm water but I added less than a teaspoon as it's quite strong. x
  4. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Hot water and lemon has always been a favourite for me whether dieting or not.... very cleansing :)
  5. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    I don't know where you're getting your water from, but for some reason I find that it's much easier drinking from a glass than a bottle. Get a pint glass and tell yourself you'll have to drink at least four pints, and just keep sipping at it. If drunks in a pub can do it then so can you lol!
  6. KellyJervis

    KellyJervis Full Member

    I'm awful at drinking water at home, but I've got a pink Sleeping Beauty cup (from the Disney Store) that my niece gave me, that I use in work :p
  7. Constantstar

    Constantstar Full Member

    I keep leaving a glass on the sink so when I go in kitchen I must drink a glass of water here and there x
  8. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I know this is an old thread but, if you get into the habit of having a pint of warm water every morning add a mint leaf or a leaf of lemon balm to give it flavour. If you drink it down before anything else it sort of gets you going and becomes a ritual. Then you are 1/4 of the way there!

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