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if i can do it any1 can


is slowly shrinking
well i been out today where there was lots of food stalls, and went in a bar and had a pint of tap water. I really kept myself focussed and resisted all food whilst out. i am gonna sit down to my shake lollies now.
so if i can do it u can people, this is the 1st diet ever i have ever been out and resisted, and i don;t feel hungry on.
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is slowly shrinking
sure am mark, 1st time i have ever gone out and not binged, must admit the thought was there but then i thought of coming back and confessing to you all, and i couldn't, i thought i be letting you all down as well as myself, so this group sure does help as it is in back of ya mind all time.
must admit tho i am getting disheartened as my scales not showing anything for last 4 days.
Can I ask a personal question, well here goes anyway, do you poo everyday, I don't and have to take a laxative every few days? This makes a huge difference with me.
I take Dulcolax which is available in the supermarkets, take 2 or 3, 3 makes me s....t through the eye of a needle but it cleans me out properly. Do not take more than 3 you will feel ill and get very crampy.


reaching my goal
hi calli , i havent been to the toilet in 3 days , i think they say not to use laxatives because it makes you hungry x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
one thing to remember too.... is it is frightfully hot outside :D and if you have been walking about a lot also added to the heat our bodies might retain a lot of the fluid we drink, it all adds up on the scales xx


Are We There Yet?
Well done for resisting today!!

I had to take two laxatives last night as my body had not seen any action for days. Man, this morning was eventful!lol

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
no trying to weigh it you two! hehhe

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