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Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by ChristyT, 22 July 2012 Social URL.

  1. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    I was devastated to find out last week at my initial WI that I was 20 stone 5lbs and found it so hard not to cry in front of my CDC.

    Well this week is the beginning of my new start and discovery of the whole new me - I want to get to know the curvy, bubbly girl I used to be again.

    It's been a tough week, day 2 and 3 were pure hell, but the inspirational stories on here have helped me like you wouldn't believe! I had my first WI and I've lost 9lbs!!! I am soooo happy!!! I'm well under the horrific 20 stone mark and now putting my sights on getting my weight below 19.

    I'm loving this diet!!
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  3. Eloise2104

    Eloise2104 Full Member

    Fantastic loss honey! Just focus on the fact that if you stick to the plan, you will never see the 20's again! X
  4. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Thank you!! I'm totally panicking though, just realised I've forgotten to pick up my blender and shakes before leaving for work - I work 35 miles from home so can't pop home. Plus I haven't had any breakfast. I really don't know wha to do - help!! xx
  5. Eloise2104

    Eloise2104 Full Member

    Just make sure you eat a plain chicken salad. It won't knock you out of ketosis. X
  6. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Yeah I've just called down to the canteen at work and given them my list of requirements lol!! I'm sure they think I'm the faddiest eater ever. I grabbed a slim fast this morning which I know is probably risky but I had to have something. Going to bring in the shakes and bar that I was going to have today and keep them in my drawer as an emergency back up x
  7. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Well it's day 10 and I'm still keeping to plan and not cheating - despite all the temptations, why is it that as soon as you start a diet people start offering you shortbread, cake and asking you to go out?!!! It's so hard at times.

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a massive improvement with their skin? When I was doing my makeup this morning my skin felt amazing and looks really clear - must be all the bloody water I'm drinking. I had spots last week but they've all gone now.
  8. Chloo

    Chloo Member


    How is it going for you?

    I agree about the skin thing it makes such a difference to the way i feel about myself!
  9. rach6288

    rach6288 Full Member

    Wow that's great well done! You'll be inspiring others soon :) x
  10. JoolsG

    JoolsG Full Member

    Just found your diary Christy!

    Hows things going for you at mo? When is your next WI?
  11. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Yay!!! :)

    I'm ok, feeling a lot better than yesterday. I'd been out for a meal and ate cannelloni - omg I felt so sick yesterday and I had to run to the bathroom 4 times in the night.

    I've done a test and I've gone back into ketosis really quickly so I'm really happy - thought it would take a few days, so I'm back to being 100%

    Think that's put me off any cheating, it's just not worth it.

    Next official WI is 20 Aug as my CDC is on holiday, in meantime I'm weighin myself in boots as they weigh the same as my CDC's scales. It's hard though, as I like having that weekly contact. Mind u this forum is brilliant for helping me keep focused :)

    Have u had any joy finding a new councillor? Xxx
  12. Carly1882

    Carly1882 Full Member

    Hi Christy

    Just found your diary :)

    Hope you are feeling better now xx
  13. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Hello lovely!!

    Yes this the home of my diary - not that I've been that good at keeping it up to date lol.

    I'm not feeling sick anymore and had porridge for breakfast and a choc mint shake for lunch. Determined to have a good day today :) Think I'm going to have some roasted chicken breast with steamed leeks and broccoli tonight. Might even get my saggy backside down to the gym as so worried about lose skin. I'm slapping cream on like u wouldn't believe.

    How are you getting on today? xx
  14. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Ok well today has been pretty much torture....I was asked to go down and collect a working lunch thy had been ordered and paid for but clients had not turned up. I was taking the trolley of sandwiches etc up to my floor when the life broke!!!!!

    I was stuck in a lift for over an hour with sandwiches, crisps, etc!!!!! It was hell and took everything from me not to start scoffing the food :( I feel so depressed now and can't stop thinking of bread :( :(
  15. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    *lift broke!!!! Oops
  16. JoolsG

    JoolsG Full Member

    :( that is truly horrible Christy but looking on the bright side - you resisted!!! And if you can cope through that you can cope through anything. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for staying strong :D Very, very proud of you!
  17. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    It was soooo hard, I've been obsessing over food since I got home. My dad had made my son spag bol which is one of my favourites. Just had 2 spoonfuls of the sauce and now feeling very very guilty :(
  18. JoolsG

    JoolsG Full Member

    It's just sauce, mostly tomato based, I doubt there are a) many calories in it or b) any carbs in it. Put it behind you - tomorrow is another day!
  19. Carly1882

    Carly1882 Full Member

    dont worry christy it wont make a difference - better than eating the sandwiches - you did amazingly!xx
  20. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Thanks both - god the sandwiches was hell!!!! For some reason I'm thinking about bread a lot lately, I don't normally eat much bread because I'm not a big bread fan - pasta and potatoes are my carb downfall.

    I've got the day off today so I'm taking my little man to the beach - looking forward to getting out in the sunshine :) xx
  21. Carly1882

    Carly1882 Full Member

    have a lovely time, Im very jealous! Im going to the Harry Potter tour tomorrow...so excited! I'd of caved I love bread, i think about it all the time lol that and my Grandads spaghetti bolognese is my favourite!

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