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im a hippooo....


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Still yet to try them............but you two ar tempting me, how big are they? lol x


Here we go again!
Going to try a peanut flapjack tomorrow. Had a coconut one weeks ago and it was awful. Hope the peanut ones are better.

P.S. I know what you will say Chelly about the flapjacks!
They arent very big, but quite dry, so I love a hot black coffee with them, they are about 2.5 inches long, by about 2 inches wide..........lol


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I tried a flapjack yesterday *Eughhh* :(. It tastes like how you think woodchip conti board would taste. :p
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Well that has certainly put me off of ever trying them!!!!!!!


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I tried a flapjack yesterday *Eughhh* :(. It tastes like how you think woodchip conti board would taste. :p
LOL!! Thats it!!
I got a bit of everything my first week so had two peanut & 2 coconut ones to endure. I just got my 2nd weeks quota and only got one peanut flapjack for 'emergency' moments when I can't have a shake.


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I've grown to quite like the coconut ones - though I must say this weeks were new stock and a vast improvement on those I've had previous weeks. Although the old ones were in date (just) they were darker, dryer and didn't taste the same as the new ones.
I only tried a peanut one once and I didn't think it was going to stay down! I may try another this week though - tastes change, and they may be new stock too!!! x


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I'm eager to try the flapjacks :) I've heard people say the chicken soup is horrid, but I am inclined to disagree! I think it's best just to try things for yourself :D
i had to try them 2ce to be honest.i gave them a go 1st and said "eugh never again" then i had a bit of an urge to get more because they werent to bad and they are also easier to eat at work rather than a shake!!!