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likes to kick fats ass
Hey all!!! have been so so busy that i didnt get a chance to come on here at all but lucky thing about keeping busy is that thoughts of food are put on the back burner!!! well still going strong, Ive completed 5 weeks so far this is now the begining of my 6th week!!! cant believe it am on air that im ever so close to my goal, itsa coming I can see the end in sight!!!!H2B is totally loving the new me, well confidence wise, he did say hed love me and wouldnt care if i was 2 or 22 stone but i think i myself would have a few issues with that!!! anyway Im dying to know how yer all doing???? pineapple, yuna, fat2thin, daisybank, claire and everyone how ye all getting along???:) right im off so to smell some food (yup a new wierd thing that was pointed out to me recently!!!! Im smelling eeeeeeeverything)xxx
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Hey clessofme, great to hear you are doing so well, and your even closer to your goal, fabulous, well done you!

I'm well, heading to Dublin on Fri and decided not to do the refeed this week so this is me on my 4th week and still plodding along nicely! Not sure if am gonna go for my weigh in tomorrow or wait til Mon (after the weekend, where I plan to have 2 shakes and a small protien meal). My sis is also thinking about starting again after seeing the differnce in me so she may want some company - see what she thinks! Either way am determined to have anotehr loss, have a feeling it might be a smaller one tho, chemist told me not to expect anotehr 5 off this week - we can hope tho huh!!

My h2b can see the difference in me as well, am not the same person addicted to eating at every opportunity, I have enjoyed buying a couple of new tops for the weekend and even managed to buy them in a size 14 - am not a real size 14 tho, think its just the style of tops!! buT HEY, they are a14 never the less!

Great to hear your doing so well.x
P.S As for the smelling thing, I do that as well, it really does settle any cravings I have have! In actual fact I think I smelt all the flavour out of h2b's pizza and kfc - not in the same night mind you!! Thats what he gets tho for eating crap!
Hiya Sarah Lou, well done, like you say 2lbs is still off and is much better than beign on. 2lbs is actually quite heavy and when you think of it as 2lbs of fat rather than fluid, its great! How much is that now you have lost? I cant follow your ticker? Am I being thick?

Thanks, am really looking forward to the weekend. Must remember to keep drinking the water as well!x


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hi Clessofme!!

And welcome back!! Missed ya :)
:wow:25lbs, u must be over the moon lady!!! LT is definitely so much easier when ur busy... no dwelling on food. Great to hear bout your new confidence, H2B sounds so supportive - even if he's eatin' pizza and KFC infront of ya :p

I so do the sniffing thing too, bf thinks its hiilarious and now just offers his food to be first and tells me to give it back when I'm 'finished'!! But its so weird.... I have no desire to eat it but I have to smell it!! Was cooking last nite for friends and I made it a bit strong, kept throwing lots of Chinese 5 spice & worstershire sauce in cos I loved the smells!!!

Week 6 woman, wat an inspiration. You still sound as motivated as ever!!

Well Done!!

Great to see you back, was wondering where you were. You are doing so well - SUPERSTAR :)
I am doing OK, just into week 4 and no cheating yet. :)
I know what you mean about the sniffing, I have been enjoying the smell of everyone elses food - until tonight! Have just got back from TESCO. What are they doing with those Krispy creme donuts??? I am sure they have some kind of fan which wafts the smell all around the store - couldnt get out of there quick enough I was starting to want to kill for a donut!!!!