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i'm baaaaack! - post glasto mega blues!


can see the end in sight!
hello all you lovely ladies and gents,

i'm back and nearly recovered from glasto! weighed myself on Tuesday and i had put on 9 (yes....9!!!) pounds in the previous week. luckily i have now lost all that on the 2 days back on SS (phew) and am now rearing to go to get the last stone and a half or so off. will need all your support for the final push, but have had a mini victory, after all the excercise at glasto i lost loads of inches, i can now get into a size 12 top! not quite a comfortable 14 bottom yet though, thats my goal, but nearly there!

how has everyone been? i have missed all the minimins support!

LizMcB - those trousers arrived and they are spectacular!! so soft and comfortable and flattering. love them!
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Hey! Welcome back. How was it? Your pretty much the same size as me - some 14's fit and some don't, but 12 top comfy.

Well done on dropping the 9lbs.


can see the end in sight!
hello! glasto was amazing. i wish i could go back and it was glasto all year around. so not ready for the real world.

i was annoyed at putting on so much weight, but it is satisfying to have it off in 2 days. i did try to eat healthy but its hard to go low carb at glasto. worth it though!

i never thought i would be a 12, but im happy to stay there as its a nice round number and y ou can buy from pretty much everywhere i reckon. damn my hips though, they just need to catch up.


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Glad you had a great time at Glasto. I live a couple of miles from the site, so saw quite a few muddy revellers!
At least you have shifted the poundage you put on over your break, and now you should be raring to go and get the last bit off. The break might do some good and you might find fab losses this week!


can see the end in sight!
thanks chickenpie, i'll keep my fingers crossed for a mega loss! did you see the queue of traffic on the wednesday? the last 10 miles on the a37 took us 6 hours. it was mental, and we were losing the will to live. next time - train all the way.


Cambridge Diet Councellor
I didn't see the queue of traffic but have heard all about it! Pretty mental. I was reading the local paper earlier and locals were complaining about it saying they got stuck for hours! One bloke said a 30 min trip from Frome to Shepton took him 9hrs!!! Nightmare


can see the end in sight!
apparently locals were charging £10 to those who stopped and asked for directions on the back route to avoid the traffic, which i think is pretty entrepreneurial of them!


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Good idea, directions to that many people= muchas money!! Enough to raid Net-a-porter!!


can see the end in sight!
or even better - the mulberry factory shop in shepton mallet! i was salivating as we drove past there.


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Oooh yes I have a few bags from there! I love Mulberry I try to get my parents to buy me one every Christmas........Actually my house is not far from there- the shop that is!


WILL be Slim!
welcome back hun and well done on the size 12 top....its an amazing feeling isnt it...although i am missing my boobs! :(
Well done for getting the 9lbs off already and hope the last stone and a half goes fast for you....the time off CD might have kick started things a bit....fingers crossed!

Good to have you back....missed all the new clothes your buying! lol
Glad you enjoyed the festie. And well done on losing the 9lb so quickly!
My DH got stuck in the traffic jam, left home (Yorkshire) before 8am, finally pitched his tent at 11.55pm!:eek: I'm so glad I wasn't in the car with him, he tends to get traffic jam rage!;)
I just watched the BBC coverage. But I've 2 festie's in August, 2 in 2 weeks, if I can keep off the boozie I 'should' be okay. But it's a big if.;):giggle:

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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Well done for getting back on track and losing that 9lbs so quick. Can you lose that for me please lol :)

Wish I'd been there this year, looked fab. Good to have you back xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Welcome back hon!!!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful time, and that you are right now back on track............ You are soooooooooo close to goal now...
Wow hon into a size 12 top....... Yehhhhhhh you have done so amazingly well..
Keep smiling and will be here to support you all the way!!!

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