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I'm BACK for more slimming :-)

Hi all,
I have posted on the introductions bit, but think I am supposed to start a new thread as that one's not really for discussions, is that right?

Anyway, here I am :bliss:
Like many, I'm a serial dieter but it's got so much harder to lose since I hit my forties :sigh: I feel I need the big kick start and with my hubby now on board feel that we can change our lifestyle and keep it off this time!

I do shift work which sometimes makes mealtimes unpredicatable and leads to snacking, especially as everyone brings in goodies on night shift, not to mention the gifts of chocolates from patients! But I am determined to stay away from it all!

I will weigh in every Saturday and look forward to seeing my ticker move along. I will be on Exante for one month then have to have a break of two weeks due to a trip abroad.

I am going to start Exante tomorrow having lost a stone through a combination of cutting down and slim fast. I've seen my husband drop 2 stones in 2 months on LL and I want to catch up with him! :eek:

We might swap products and also add in some slim fast stuff for difficult days, although I know this will reduce the speed of loss, I should still lose shouldnt I as long as I am eating less calories than I use up?

Thanks for any advice and support :)

Susie x
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Thanks Starlight I will bear that in mind. I was just thinking that as long as the total calories are low then I am going to lose weight as I've been losing nicely on slim fast and food. I know ketosis helps but it isn't vital to weight loss is it?

I will try just Exante and see how I get on!
Welcome Susie. Ketosis isn't vital, as I don't believe I was in it and still lost 18lbs in 4 weeks on exante. It just makes it more hungry, as I think in ketosis you don't really feel hungry, whereas I spent a lot of time feeling hungry!
Thanks Ladyshopper :)
Aaah I didn't realise that I would feel more hungry if not in ketosis. Today I've managed to completely stick to the diet on a 12.5 hour shift :D

I had a vanilla shake in the morning, split a bar for lunch and made it last a few hours. Just had mushroom soup for dinner. Have drunk 2 litres of water so far and 2 coffees (black).

I am hungry but feel ok :)

I've never been a fan of soup and these aren't swaying me! But with some pepper etc it was bearable, had the tomato and basil yesterday and that was not so good but I managed it.

Left my shaker at work though and my son put the ELECTRIC hand blender in the washing up bowl!! Der! :rolleyes: So had to get the fullsize mixer/blender out to mix it!

Got a day out tomorrow with a friend and a longish drive so that will be a test.

Thanks for reading.
S x
just to say good luck susie xx
Urrrgggh feel awful!

So today I've driven over 100 miles and done about an hour of walking visiting my friend at the seaside. I've stuck to the diet -loved all the food, strawberry milkshake, toffee bar, thai chicken soup. Drunk 2 litres of water so far.

BUT I have an awful headache (had to go to bed for an hour after the drive home) my mouth is so dry all the time despite drinking. Am weeing for England and I am soooo hungry :cry:

I know I just have to go through this and I keep saying to myself 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels' but I am having a tough time convincing myself of it at the moment!!

At the seaside there was food everywhere, fish and chips, with all the gorgeous smells, ice cream, sweets, cake shops cocktail bars with people sitting outside eating and drinking, how very dare they!! :p

Aaah well roll on next Saturday when hopefully the result on the scales will make it all worth while :)

Susie x
I've had to have half a LL bar as I am so hungry and I've got to stay up till 1am to wait for hubby to come home. Mmmmm Peanut is delicious :)
Hubby back home last night from a week away camping. Even though he ate cake!! and the odd meal he still managed to lose 3lb in 5 days by mainly sticking to lighter life products.

At least he can support me now though. This morning he had his porridge while I had vanilla shake with an expresso coffee mixed in. I did it in the blender but some of the powder didn't disolve and I had lumps of powder.:confused: I might post on a separate thread to find out how to avoid this. The flavour was nice though :)

For lunch we both had our vegetable soups, they both looked and tasted very different. The LL one looked more like veg soup whereas mine looked the same as the mushroom one, but they both had some nice bits of veg in them. I liked them both the same but he didn't like mine. Mine are frothy on the top always, is that because I am using a blender, I wonder?

Tonight I will have a bar and he gets to have a bar and a shake :( not fair!! I think LL divide their meals into 4.

Also my stomach makes terrible gurgling noises after everything I consume, why is this?

Anyway so far so good, back to work tomorrow but as I drive all day this week it should be fine to just eat my bar :)

Sorry for waffling on, I don't expect anyone is reading LOL! But it will help me to look back and see my journey :eek:

Susan x
The day was ok untill about 9pm when I felt ill with hunger having had my soup at 7pm. I had another shake which helped the hunger but gave me diarrhoea so maybe it wasn't hunger that mad me feel ill. Off to bed now, not been sleeping well so hope I do better tonight :(


Still Climbing That Hill!
Good luck, hope your feeling better this morning


Rebel without a calorie
It takes me ages to go to sleep. I think I just lay there waiting for my bladder to fill up again! Posting this reminded me that it was exactly the same when I started first time round so I guess it will pass :cross:
Thanks for the comment Lisa, it makes me hopeful that this is just a phase!

Well today is day 5 also my TOTM :sigh:
I still have the noisy stomach but bowels seem ok. I had half a slice of turkey when I got home from work, don't know why as it didn't help and now I feel a failure :break_diet: as I was trying to do total solution with no cheating. When he goes to his LL meeting on Friday I'm going to get him to buy some extra shakes and bars for me for difficult days so I can have 4 a day.

I have a stonker of a headache and have already drugged myself to the eyeballs and its not helping. God what a moaner I sound :eek:

I am going to have my soup as soon as my hubby gets in from work then just keep drinking water till bedtime.

The good side is this morning I was 7LB lighter than Saturday!!! :D

S x
Seemed to have turned a corner today as I feel great :D

No headache, no hunger, really good mood and lots of energy! Cant wait for big weigh in on Saturday :D
Hi Susie!
I do feel for you, I had the same stonking headache in first few days and it did go thank goodness. It's perfectly normal as your body adapts to the diet.
My tummy also gurgles like mad after by evening soup but not strangely after my morning shake or lunchtime bar...no idea why!
I am 2 and a half weeks in as of today and will weigh in on sunday and will hopefully have lost 18lbs in total.
I am pretty sure I'm in ketosis as have an odd taste in my mouth but tummy rumbles and it certainly feels like hunger but I have read that it can also mean that your body needs water so I always try and down another half litre and always feel much better!
My hubby is doing exante simple solution and it is great having him doing it with me even though he only needs to lose a stone, so I will be on my own soon I fear! It's nice not having to watch him eat every night but my children are 7 & 8 and so I still cook for them. Over the hols when I've made bread, fish pie, cheesey muffins and spag bol etc I do feel a bit miserable but then I run for the picture of me on honeymoon 6 stone lighter and the clothes catalogue and look at the lovely clobber I'll be able to buy for xmas and usually feel better!
Hopefully you are feeling better now and have a really nice result on the scales on saturday!
Lots of luck!! We are all in this together!
Thanks girls :D

Starlight I most certainly havent been strong! I have been on and off the scales more times than a tarts knickers! LOL!
But I am not reporting or recording it until tomorrow. I have a 7am start so will probably not post till I'm home but it had better be good. I was secretly hoping to be 12 stone something but think I will still be in the 13's.

I still feel fine and totally agree shortly that I only rumble after the soup! I went to the cinema last night and thank goodness the film was loud!! ;) Maybe its because its hot food?

Susan x