Im back on those scales after a worthwile hol!!

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  1. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Hey Peeps!

    Well I finally rejoined a WW tonight.....11s 12lbs! Not bad considerinh Ive just dragged myself back off a very eventful holiday full of lots of lovely food and ale!

    My first night back to class was fab! Although slightly depressing....I saw a lady there who joined the same week as me back in January and her size 10 pants were falling off her :eek: She was at goal weight, and was heavier than me when we started which was depressing! She looked fab though, it gave me a kick up the bum!

    Hope everyone is doing well?! Ill be sure to catch up when Ive got enough time and have a scout through all your diarys!

    Marie, Im back on track so watch out he he! Ive got my eye on you missie!! :p

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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Good luck hun Im sure you will soon be as slim.......!
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  5. nails

    nails *Quornstar*

    Hi Lighterlifer
    I'm new here and wanted to say hi. Glad you had a good class and it's probably good that you saw that lady that had started the same time as you as she's given you that kick up the bum.
    I had my first wi as well tonight.
    Anyway best of luck with it all and I look forward to chatting.
  6. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Hey everybody! Its good to be back on track...I was actually doing well but you know how it is when you go to another country!!!

    Hi Nails! Good luck! This place is great for support

  7. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Yey!! Stephs back!!!

    Glad you finally got back to your class - you did SO well last time and I have every confidence that you'll do just as well this time round!

    Can't wait to see how you get on mate! Good luck!!!!

  8. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Day 2 on the weight watchers plan....and Steph is doing great ha ha!

    Day two is almost over and Im just forcing my points down me now?! Got one vision of how I want to look...Just keep telling myself that one stone down Im going to feell so much better.....Bring it on! I wish I could fast forward time!!

    How are my peeps doing? xxx
  9. bluehail

    bluehail Full Member

    welcome back,and good luck
    you'll be in size 10's in no time i bet :)
  10. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Sounds like youre back on track Steph :) Im so pleased!!

    I know Just what you mean about the fast forwarding lol Id love to be able to do that at times

    Hope you continue to have a great week
  11. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Fast forward! Your 80 down :-O Wow, you can think back and have the worse image in your head which probably motivates you just as much! Evryone is doing fab, you must feel great xx
  12. nails

    nails *Quornstar*

    It's such a great feeling when you're focused isn't it.
    Keep it up!
  13. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    How you doing mate, your diet still going well? x
  14. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Hello?? Is it meeee your lookin for?! haha

    1st Weigh in and im back on my way :p 4.5lbs downI feel fab!!! Not long to go until Im back in the 10's!!! :D xxx
  15. nails

    nails *Quornstar*

    Woohoo! :party0011: 4.5lbs well done! That's what I've just lost as well.
    Keep it up xx
  16. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Well done Steph thats brilliant - heres to a great week next week.

    Hope to see you around here again much more, we miss you

  17. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    4.5lb in one week is fantastic mate!! Well done!!!!

    x x x
  18. Lighterlifer

    Lighterlifer turned Weight Watcher!!!

    Well about time I updated! Diet is still going well thankfully!! I saved a few points yesterday and tried to today but TOM due led me to crave sweets and use em all up lol I managed to stop when nil was left in the bank and I think I need to keep myself occupied for the rest of the night!!!

    Im off to a concert all day tomorrow,Im making a packed lunch tonight, late night trip to ASDA haha so fingers crossed I wont feel the social pressure to stray!! ha ha! Roll on Tuesday weigh in, Im sure another loss will kick me back into the fast lane!!! xxx
  19. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Glad you're still on track mate - you're doing brilliantly! x x
  20. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    Hi lihterlifer,well done on your weigh in.Ive just come off lighter lfe to do ww,im on day 3 and alls wellxx:)
  21. nails

    nails *Quornstar*

    Well done! Enjoy your concert today.

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