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im dissapointed in myself...

day 10 , all was going well , lost 15lbs and feeling fantastic.... came to rothesay with my beautiful hubby and two kids for the weekend , continued to be good until last night!! went to a benefit night for a very special person and drank 5 vodkas and tonic!!!! cudnt stick the water and they didnt sell tea or coffee.. i am angry at myself and dissapointed but at the time my head was saying , you feel good , you have been terrific and its not food... iv been up since 6am beating myself up.. so here it is can you please inforn me of how bad iv been and what it has done to my 10 days hard work ( which i will continue as from today) i have made a poo today also , first in 10 days so thats good but what repercutions are to occur?
IM BAD.....
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I will be skinny again!!!
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You should probably eat a high protein meal and a few carbs... Ketosis and alcohol is an extremely bad thing.. People have ended up in hospital and have nearly died with their bodies shutting down due to it...

It is very stupid to drink whilst in ketosis


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Dont feel bad! its done now!

Just have something to eat.. Then continue with TFR..

Just dont drink again without refeeding for atleast a week :)


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Now, a slap on the wrist for you and don't do it again!, lecture over, just carry on as normal today, 3 shakes/soups/bars and plenty of water to re hydrate yourself, don't beat yourself up about it, everyone makes mistakes
I have been refeeding since Thursday and had two glasses of wine last night as I am well out of Ketosis but will not be doing it again until Sat was some hangover this morning feel like **** thank god I am on day 4 refeed and can have some bread well I had a pitta with low fat ham and salad and tea was lovely. Chin up dont worry too much about it just try stay away from now on as its easier to justify doing it over and over were as if you are strict and absolute you will get better results!:)


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Don't be beating yourself up, you've done it now and todays a new day.
Just remember how bad you're feeling today the next time the vodka is calling you ;)


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It's done, forget it. Was it slimline tonic? If so, you might even get away with it at your weigh-in (and you might anyway!).

Well done on the 15lbs in 10 days - that's great!


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Well you are definatly out of ketosis!!

And like chels said - it is VERY dangerous to drink alcohol whilst in ketosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But there is nothing you can do now except carry on.
I wish you luck! :)


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Ok, so you now know how dangerous it is to drink whilst in keto....well done for your losses so far pull yourself together and start over you have done fantatically to lose all this weight so far just think how much it'll be over the next couple of weeks! :)

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