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I'm new - Can I join your gang please?


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)

I'm Sam and I've been lurking here for a few weeks before trying to pluck up courage to start CD.

I started on Friday so today is day three and so far so good. not been tempted to cheat so far and I definately feel less hungry (physically) today although I still desperately want to eat something if that makes sense.

My starting weight is 18st 1lb:eek: my heaviest weight ever. Im 5ft7 so need to get down to between 10st and 10st7.

It has suddenly dawned on me in the past couple of months that I have been overweight for 10 years now since having my eldest daughter. THats a whole decade of being fat and miserable and I've finally decided enough is enough. I've tried every "main stream" diet under the sun and they never work as I have absolutely zero willpower.

So that's me. I'm hoping you guys will be around to give me several kicks up the bum along the way, and any tips that have helped you lot keep on the straight and narrow would be most appreciated.
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Radix lecti
hello Sam and welcome.
Best wishes for your CD journey, i started 30th Jan and have lost just over 5 stone so it can work!
I find CD flexible and easy to get into the rhythm of it and i'm sure you'll find the same :D


i love minimins me :)

nice to meet u :) i am re-starting tomorrow, and if i can give u any advice its don cheat, ever!!! i wasnt hungry bu craved food n gave in, worst decision ever :(

this site is the best ever, its such a fab support group

good luck and well done, i look forward to hearing of ya success



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Welcome and good luck. The diet is really great. The quick results keep you going.
Keep updating us on your progress.
Best wishes


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st7lb(3.14%)
Hi Sam :) Good luck with this plan. I'm on day 5 and after a wibbly start to the day have got to the end of the day with no cheats. If you ever feel like you want to give up.. come here! I was rescued today by some great people. This forum is fab :D

You can do this, the results will be so worthwhile.

Let us know how you get on!!



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G: 12st0lb
Hi welcome and well done for posting....what took you so long....lol.
I would definately say do not cheat as it is the start to the slippery slope......You must look out for Natayou`s posts she has lost nearly 8 stone and is in week 17 I think. She has not cheated once !


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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
hi and welcome

this site is great and the people on here make u feel so much better if u have an off day or 2.
Good luck with your weight loss :D


Radix lecti
Wow. Thanks for the quick replies. I'm in awe at how much weight people have lost on this site with CD. You are all an inspiration to me.

Sally, 5 stone since January is awesome. I hope I wont be too far behind you.
Thanks, stick with it and you'll overtake me, I'm no angel

Take a look through the inspiration photo show from the menu - there's a lot more who have done much better than me :eek:


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Welcome Sam ;)

I just started on CD a week ago - I warn you this site is addictive, and I've only just discovered the jokes thread and arcade section :eek: :D


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S: 26st10lb C: 25st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 1st1lb(4.01%)
Hi Sam! Good luck, this site is the best thing ever, I it should be compulsary reading for anyone on the CD!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
Hi Sam :)

You're a similar height and weight to me and I'm restarting CD tommorow. My advice on CD Sole Source would also be DO NOT CHEAT AND EAT ANYTHING. I'm talking from edxperience also. For most of us I think we would say that the first week is the toughest while your body gets used to the change and all the extra water.

Have a look at Icemoose's journey as well and how he did Sole Source. Lovely to meet you, keep posting for support as we all all need it.

Isis :)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
Hi Sam! Good luck, this site is the best thing ever, I it should be compulsary reading for anyone on the CD!
I couldn't agree more Chika :D:D:D
Hey wannalose8stone!

So today is day 1 for you .... bet you have some mixed emotions about this crazy diet today!! Try and stay focused for the next couple of days and you'll find it a breeze. It's definately the hardest and the easiest diet to stick to - IF YOU DON'T CHEAT YOU WILL BE FINE, I promise.

This site is packed with fab guys and gals all here to offer support, advice a giggle or a hug whenever you need them. Remember to keep us up to date with your progress, it's always motivating to hear how everyone is getting on.

Good luck, we're behind you 110% xx


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Hi Sam. The easiest part of your journey has now begun - you found Minimins! This site will see you through. Its a godsend.



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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Hi Munchkin

Thanks for your words of support. I actually started the diet on Friday so today is day 4.
Im already feeling much better about the diet. I got on the scales this morning and they are showing a 7lb loss already but Im not going to get too excited and will wait for my CDC weigh in on thursday.

Im definately less hungry today. Havent had my first pack of the day yet, where as the last three days Ive needed it almost as soon as I have woken up.

Trying to get the water down is a bit of a struggle. I drink tonnes of black coffee (about 10 cups a day) so I've been forcing down 1/2 pint of water with every cup of coffee. Thats 2 pints of water and 4 cups of coffee already this morning!

Can anyone tell me how to get a ticker please!!


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Hi Ttey68

your weight loss is amazing. Im so jealous!!!

I cant believe it is possible to lose 5stone in 10 weeks.

Have you cheated at all?
How have you managed to beat the cravings and how do you deal with people trying to get you to eat something?
Have you been on SS for the whole 10 weeks? Sorry for all the questions but I really want to give myself the best possible chance with this diet and I think the best way is to follow advice from the people who are doing it.

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