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I'm not going to SW classes any more......

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I joined SW mid February, the first week the consultant said she was leaving in a couple of weeks’ time! The new consultant joined, we had one week where we had to pay even though there was no Image Therapy as she had to change the day. I continued to go but I had no communication from any of these two consultants, no email, no chat (apart from the night I joined).
So I switched groups, told the consultant I was away on holiday for a couple of weeks which was fine. I stayed to group the first week I came back, she scanned through the losses, spoke about everyone’s losses/gains (mostly gains which she was upset about!), called my name out at Image Therapy and ignored it. At the end she said ‘well, I’ve dealt with everyone this week’, so I told her she had missed me out! She apologised, said she’d call me on Friday to have a chat, I said I would like her to as I needed some support. No phone call. Last week she again promised to give me a call – class tonight and guess what, no phone call/email or anything again.
Yes, I’m disillusioned with the lack of communication and support and just feel like they’ve taken my money but have given nothing back. I have lost weight, but due only to my own efforts, I really don’t see the point of continuing with class now - I think it should be a two way thing, you support your consultant by trying hard and losing weight and she encourages you, surely?:mad:
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I have only been to one class and hated it so I do it alone as long as you have the books you'll be fine , I have lost 2.5 stone now going alone.


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Hi Sharm,

Sorry to hear you're having such a crap time with classes. If you feel you need this support then perhaps looking into groups in other areas is an idea? You might need to travel further to them but it's all worth it. The first C I ever had was useless and in fact she's now been booted out and is no longer taking classes, but she was the reason I didn't go to class and guess what - I couldn't do it on my own (as much as I was kidding myself). My new C is fantastic and has time for everyone, looks over food diaries one on one and has lots of tips for us and is very encouraging, so I would definitely look for a new class! Maybe you could call SW HQ and complain about this?


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Yes, I'd definitely look into another class. I know full well I'd be straight off the wagon if I didn't go to class!!

I like EP's suggestion of mentioning it to HQ - she may be new herself and still be learning. If they can identify a training need then she'll be able to help people better in the future.

Mrs V

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I would definitely complain about this! Your Consultant should be there to provide support to you when you need it most and clearly you are not getting that support!
I did SW on my own for over a year and a half and managed to loose 6.5 stone, so there is hope if you do decide to try it yourself. You just have to be more committed to staying on track.
I hope you get some answers soon Hun.



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I know that i can't manage without knowing i have to go to class to get weighed each week!
I would look into a different class in your area, sure another consultant would give you the support you need and deserve....Good luck x
Thats such as shame but I would definitely take the advice of the others and look for a class. Once you find the right one you will be glad you did. I am so lucky my Consultant is an absolute star. keep looking hon you will find one too I am sure. Again I would let HQ know your very unhappy.
S: 11st8lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.7%)
Thank you all for your positive comments. I find this website incredibly supportive and I hope I can 'go it alone'. The consultant in question has been running a group for over 10 years! She did mention that she was concerned as her gain percentage was becoming much higher than losses, so something isn't right. I do wonder about the consultants - my hubby and I did SW about 5 years ago and he was interviewed to become a consultant and accepted even though he had absolutely no concept of how the diet worked (he relied on me!).

I won't give up - will continue on the plan with the books at home.


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I personally would contact SW HQ about the problem you are having. At the end of the day you are paying them money for a service and part of that service is contact with the C, after all thats what they get paid for, its the ongoing contact that is important and is why most of us go to SW, as we need that support.

Or you could just send your C an email and tell her you don't feel that you are gaining the full support from her and you are struggling.


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If you do not want to talk to the C about these problems then you should go to the area manager. They are meant to carry out observations of the C's during a group and provide them with feedback to help to develop their sessions, she may have slipped through the net and that could be why she is slipping. She may also not have realised that she has changed and as you mentioned as she has been a consultant for 10 years she may have just got into the same old routine..
for exampe the 2nd week I had joined my con said right today we are going to talk about Body Magic.. you may have noticed I never talked about this before...well that was because I knew nothing about it, but I am now gone on a training session and I am here to let you know!

Sometimes even a consultant needs a kick up the backside! x x
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i would complain to hq these consultants are paid to do a job they are there to provide support to everyone. she isnt doing her job and providing what you need. you wouldnt pay for someone to deliver something to you and then have to go pick it up yourself and this is the same thing. you shouldnt have to go out of your area to find another group the whole point of having one close by is that its convenient for you.
i swapped groups and my new consultant is fab always on hand to help and if shes says shes going to phone she does. her manager has sat in on a few sessions and given advice on how to improve. but she does a fantastic job. hope your consultant gets a kick up the butt.x


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i've given up on classes. i joined the class of a great consultant, but she doesn't seem to have the time to support me. i came away and thought long and hard about what was making me fail on SW and i realised it wasn't the diet - it was having to commit to a class on a day which i didn't want to attend and at a time that is inconvenient to me and not recieving the support i should be recieving.

in an ideal world SW would have a class at 10am on a saturday morning, but there are none in my area or the next town. i'm also more likely to cheat/have a flexisyn day at the weekend, so if i weigh-in on a saturday and then go out for dinner that night then i know i can undo the damage by the following saturday.

i've gone it alone for the past few weeks and i have lost both weeks. i'm weighing myself on a saturday morning and i feel much more relaxed about the diet and hope i can continue :)
I dont go to clss as my consultant spoke to us as if she had just left the Little britain school of training. I use the internet which is handy but there is only automated replies.Thats why I visit this board. I get more genuine help and advice here than I ever did at group.I also find my losses have been better.If you ned help dont hesitate to contact me. Every one copes differently so some do better at class and some don't!!