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I'm returning to CD Monday 23 March

Hi there

I am returning to CD on Monday 23 March and I want to lose 3 stones.

I did CD for 3 weeks last September but was struck down with an ear infection and ill for some weeks on pain killers, anti sickness and, anti biotics and had to stop. The weight i lost stayed off till Christmas when I piled it all back on again.

So, I am hoping to be on CD for the next 3 months whilst I get down to where I want to be.

Anyone else restarting Monday?

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Thanks Sunny

So far so good, I've just had a soup and am 1 litre of water down.

I have an interview tomorrow and am hoping that i won't be too jittery for that, you know it is like until keto sets in. I have some nytol for tonight so I know I will sleep:)

How you doing so far today?



Slimming for my children
i am re starting today too!!! :D

I got all the way down to 12 stone last year and gave up when i had a misscarriage (didnt know i was preggers) and am getting married in 23 weeks so want to loose as much as i can without it making my dress look weird as thats already been ordered lol.

whoever started this thread well done!!

Lets keep this going and jeer eachother on?


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Me too! I have just got in from meeting my CDC, she is lovely and really motivational, in fact I feel like I can't let her down when I am losing the weight for me. She asked me if I can do it 100% for the fortnight and I was determined to say yes.
I'm all for being part of a team - let's do it!
I'm horrified at my starting weight so know the only way is down for me. I so pleased porridge has been introduced as I love ready brek.
Well my baby is 3 months old and I can finally start thinking a little about me so CD - bring it on!


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Well there is 6 of us on this thread - let's be a team. Anyone interested in being a team leader? As for a name...um... "weight no more"?
:rolleyes:ohhhh yeah thats good, you could lead as you thought of the name, that is of course if you want to, we could have reg weigh ins etc and exchange e mails or facebook details id love that sense of not being on my own with this and also being there for otheres and knowing how they feel:eek:

I have 4 stone to lose so am looking at 4 months ish of cambridge :wave_cry:What about everyone else?


Slimming for my children
Hey all! Do we have something we are aiming for?
I am aiming to get to at least 13 stone for my wedding in August, therefore 4 and a half stones to loose for me.
I have already ordered my wedding dress in a size 22 and the dress I had tried on when i was 14 and a half was a size 20. I can go down 3 dress sizes in the dress so can go down quite far!
the dress comes in in May so want to get down to about 15 something by then so i have at least lost something from when i ordered it!

When does everyone weigh in next then? and how are we getting on today?
Hi its day 3 for me, Wanting to lose 4 stone maybe 4 and a half :rolleyes: see how i feel. Am going to a christening in 5 weeks so want to have lost a bit by then. Other than that my goal is to feel like me again! Always been small then had my 3rd baby developed postnatal depression and have stayed 4 and a half stone bigger than my "usual" size:(
Am feeling better now and the cherry on the top would be to be in my clothes again by summer.... not that i have been going without clothes;););) just my clothes not fat clothes you know clothes you dont want to wear but have to:cry:
Congrats on impending wedding and go us yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:D


Slimming for my children
cool so whos leading this? what about putting our weights and loss week by week etc up here? what about also a before and after shot when we reach certain milestones?
Also does any one fancy doing actual body measurements? So we can see inches aswell?


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This is great.
I have 5& 1/2 stone to lose before i return to work from maternity leave in September and finally seeing the end of my 1st day so I feel it will be a long journey. I really would appreciate the support.
yeah im up for that .... whatever keeps us motivated. Itd be good to gain friends and lose weight, am looking forward to it. We are allbound to have days when we need someone that understands xxx Dont know about a leader i suggested wez cos she came up with the name but she hasnt posted yet so dont know if shed like to or not. Im happy to go along with whatever im just glad to be in our little gang:D
We are here Wez defo, 1st week is the hardest! My kids have told me to not face them when i speak cos it i quote "smells like someone died in there":eek::eek::eek:
Need to find those bloody breath strips quick me thinks:rolleyes: we could exchange e mails and facebook things etc im up for whatever hugs xx


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Definitely interested in joining!

I'd ike to be down to 11st for my wedding at the end of june. (Re)Started at 15st 11 last Thursday. xx

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