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I'm so pleased - I'm a new dress size!


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I've just bought my outfit for my daughter's wedding in 7 weeks in a size 16 and it fits really well!! I've been a size 20 for years! I'm so excited!!!!!
There are a few 'lumpy bits' but I'm hoping some of those big knicker girdly things will help, can anyone offer advice on which to buy? Of course I've got another 7 weeks to go so hopefully it'll look even better. Just got to find shoes now and maybe a hat........:)
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If you've got 7 weeks to go you might be another size down by then!! Well done! Got no advice on the hold you in pants but i'll be needing some for when i'm a bridesmaid!


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Bess, big hugs, so pleased for you! Know the kick you can get from slipping down a size!


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They've got some of those hold-in pants in Marks & Sparks which look pretty good (with and without legs) - I should try them, they're always great for lingerie. :)


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Well done thats fab. you must be so happy what a great feeling.. You will feel so lovely for your daughters wedding..
They sell some called Magic knickers they are good.. or spanx are also good too...
Keep smiling. x


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Hi, well done! I like my marks&sparks ones they're by no means attractive-look like cycling shorts! Have you seen Gok Wans range? I like the purple nice corset-ey all in one thing.


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Well done Bess,that's brilliant! You must be delighted :)
fantastic, well done!!! M&S do a fab range but I have discovered that George in Asda do the same range of "suck me in" underwear at a fraction of the price!! fantastic!
Well done! I have a size 16 dress in my wardrobe never worn but I have resisted the urge to get rid! I have been a size 20/22 for years and can't beleive you have gone down that fast in such a short time!
As for pants, I have some gok wan under bust to above knee pants.. not very sexy looking but they smooth beautifully and have crotch opening so it doesnt take 30 mins to have a wee :)


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Congratulations on your weight loss and going down the sizes:talk017:, when i was trying to find some to wear under my wedding dress i tried quite a few on, i found the best to be Asda ones, have heard spanx are amazing though! I would keep the tags on your suit though as in 7 weeks it may be hanging off you def if you have suck me in knickers on ;)
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Well done you, it's a good feeling isn't it. Had a christening a few weeks ago and was in the same size as you. Had a party last night and wore the same thing and wish i'd got it in a different size as it was baggy!! So keep the tags on your outfit and make sure that you can take it back if you have too.


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Well done that's fantastic - size 16! Spanx are meant to be really good and TK Maxx always have control undies. I had an under-dress shaper from Primark, it was like wearing a giant elastic condom but made my dress sit lovely. I think that was about £7.


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Well done - it's a great feeling to drop a size. I agree with the others though...you may be a size smaller by the wedding so keep the tags on the dress!


Plod, plod, plod.....
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks so much everyone, I'll try all the places for 'hold me in knickers' that you suggest.
Wow! I hadn't really thought about getting much smaller in 7 weeks. I think the dress would still look ok if I was a 14 and I don't plan on getting smaller than that - I'm 50 and don't want to look scrawny! I'd rather be a little bit fat than scraggy and too wrinkly, so we'll have to see! The jacket may be too big though..............:D

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