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I'm sorry!

I'm sorr y guys I dont think I can do this diet anymore! And I hate it coz I feel like such a failure but I feel so depressed and no energy still after 3 weeks. I am sat here crying my eyes out coz I feel so ****!

I dont quite know what to do if I come off it as I dont wanna put all the weight bk on
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Aah, Kaijo, you sound so disheartened. If you are feeling lacking in energy, it could be a hydration issue so keep sipping water, not a big glug in one go. I keep a litre bottle on my desk and have a small glass from it every 10mins or so. I find days or times of days where I suddenly feel very very tired, almost to the point of wanting to lie down. If I can lie down, great , but if not I get to the water and that definitely helps. Anyway,at worst, can you hild on till next WI and chat to the pharmacist about it?? You have done so well so far, it will be a shame to give up just yet.


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if you are going to come of LT you need to do it properly and follow the refeed sheet to the letter otherwise you risk putting the weight you have lost back on.
It does sort of sound like you've made your mind up, but I agree that waiting until your weigh in so you can discuss re-feeding with your pharmacist would be a good idea if you want to maintain your losses & who knows how you'll feel by then!

I don't mean to be harsh, but, I'm sure we've all been on diets before & made excuses like, "I'm just so hungry," or, "I'm ill," or, "I have no energy," & in reality, eating doesn't make a significant difference & then we regret doing it & probably eat more. It's entirely up to you, obviously, but, maybe look at the ways you're justifying it to yourself & think about whether or not they're actually significant enough to hinder your progress?



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I don't mean to be harsh, but, I'm sure we've all been on diets before & made excuses like, "I'm just so hungry," or, "I'm ill," or, "I have no energy," & in reality, eating doesn't make a significant difference & then we regret doing it & probably eat more. It's entirely up to you, obviously, but, maybe look at the ways you're justifying it to yourself & think about whether or not they're actually significant enough to hinder your progress?
Exactly how i feel about it i just didnt know how to write it without sounding like a complete cow :giggle: i always sound very harsh! hahaa

But yeah, like hannah said, really think about it before you do :)


Back on the diet train...
hey hun sori u feel bad but mayb u feelin like this coz u not well?

also i was speakin 2 my mum coz felt rubbish (gosh i get alot of info from her :)) an she sed that the mind and body are clever, they want u 2 eat so they can store the excess incase of famine (dates back 2 wen we ad no food) so u may feel ill, tired or angry (i was soo angry last time on this diet) but it does go once u condition ur body, not sayin u will av loads of energy but shud get better.

like the others sed try an get 2 ur next WI an see how u feel then if u still dnt wana do it then see about re-feed.

hope u feel better soon woteve u decide. good luck!!!:hug99:


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi K

I am with Hannah and Tanya on this one....and I dont think they were being harsh cause they have been where you are...we all have.

At the beginning I took it one week at a time and every week I just thought I cant do this much longer...but after around Wk 4 you couldnt get me off it! Everything seemed to click into place and you realise that food isnt everything!

Listen, you want to lose the weight...and this is the best, and fastest way that I know how to lose it. You could go to SW or WW but it will take a lot longer...why dont you just stick this out...when you look at it, it wont be for that long. It isnt for ever! And, then you will be at a healthy weight and then you can start to be happy again.

Dont give up! The fact you are crying tells me you are at a crossroads and this is decision time! Destiny is in your own hands...so, it is your call...we are all here for you and I do hope you make the right decision.

It DOES get easier and I am over 3 stone lighter and it has only taken 4 months!! Not eating was worth it for that feeling of well being and the compliments I get all the time.

Let us all know what you decide, but remember we are here for you and we know what it is like to feel what you are feeling.

Take care
Hey babe,

Awww I'm sorry you're feeling so rough. I'm wondering if maybe it's to do with the fact that you've got a stinky cold as well? That makes you feel drained and rubbish with or without being on a diet.

I think that ultimately it's upto you- and you don't need to be sorry to us!!! It's your decision and whatever you decide the most important thing is to feel happy and healthy.

I WOULD just say that you've already lost about a 5th of the weight you want to on LT....and if you could stick with it for a few more months you're going to be so happy babe!!! You're doing brilliantly you know- look back at some of your other posts (esp after you've weighed in) and remember how happy and positive LT can make you feel hun. I know you're feeling horrid but I just don't want you to start eating again, put some (or all) of the weight back on and then feel really unhappy.

Just TRY and stick with it until WI and see if you feel differently then.

Whatever you decide though- we're all here for you and want the best for you.

Big hugs hun

Hi hun i agree with the girls keep at it until your next weigh in and they can talk and give you advice,this is my 3rd time on LT 1st time i i brilliantly but didn't do the refeeding and i put it all back on,the 2nd time i can relate how you are feeling as it was exactly how i was feeling and i just gave up after 3wks but 22lbs lighter but i just never went back an it was the worst mistake i ever made i ended up putting a further 2st on top an now this is my 3rd time and i do struggle especially with the family eating (a husband and to growing lads) and i do find it hard but i come on here and read what people have written and it gives me so much encouragement that i don't want to stop this time and i have to do it for me when i get hungry i take to eating icecubes just because it's something to crunch....... so please think about it hard before you give up just imagine the outcome when you have reached your goal you are gonna look amazing so stay with us we are all here for each other x.x.x.
hi hun you have no idea how much i want to give this up now too. 2 bad days in a row is seriously taking its toll on me. but im trying to stay positive. i went and weighted myself on my wi so i would get enough happiness to continue through today.

i really think you should go to a pharmacist 2moro and get something for your cold it mite allow you to continue a bit longer. i do truly believe you will regret it if you give up and ive seen in your comments that you really feel supreme guilt over even thinking this.

if worst comes to worst go do the refeeding for a week or so and come back wen your energy is better.

please let us know what you decide. Good Luck hun.
Thank you so much everyone! Well I went to bed last night at 9.30 after talkin to a girl from thid forum for over an hour about this (thnk you u know who u are) and ive only just got up! I've decided to try and give it another try :) i really hope I can do this.

Today my eyes look like big watermelons from the amount of crying yesterday and i have no cucumber to help lol :( But I feel a tincy bit more positive.

Thank you again to all the people who wrote back to me xxxxxxxxxx
i'm pleased your gonna give it another go hun x

are you feeling any better today or got any advice from your chemist?
Yea i feel a bit better. I dont do it through my chemist I do mine trough my doctors although they aint much help they didnt want to prescribe this to me in the first place lol xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good news...so pleased for you. You will find that a lot of people dont get that much help from their pharmacist, hence why we are so important to one another on here!

Glad there was someone on the forum for you and helped you with your decision.

Just be kind to yourself with feeling so rough, and I DO HOPE that your WI rewards you this week.

Take care


Life is not a Rehersal!
I could think of worse things you could have eaten considering how you felt ;-).

Wk 3/4 always seems to be tough for a lot of people historically. Now, I think it is because we get quite high weight losses at the beginning and the newness of the diet keeps us going, then things start to slow down a little,,,,although still brill weight losses.

I am sure in a week or so you will be so glad you made the decision to carry on.

I had a terrible time in Wk3/4 and glad I decided to carry on, but like you, it was the forum that got me through it.

HOpe you start to feel a bit better......I start TFR again tomorrow, after my hols....been refeeding for 2 weeks, hos for 18 days, 2shakes/1 meal for the last 5 days..so, I will find it tough tomorrow, but determined to lose the last stone.

I will be on more often now, and look forward to hearing how your WI went.

Take care


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
awww im glad you have decided to stick it out a while longer :) :hug99:

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