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  1. charliexx

    charliexx Full Member

    :D:D Yay I'm so excited!
    just a few questions, do you get to choose soups/shakes/ flapjacks, do they make u take flapjacks? Or can you just choose the shakes? I'd rather just have liquids than any solids.

    i have around 3/4 stone to lose.. I am 12 stone now. How long on average will it take for me to lose if just consuming shakes and water?

    im hoping for my weight to be gone by my birthday (9 may!!)
    Thanks all
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  3. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum.
    Yes, you choose the products you want, I just have strawberry and choc shakes. You lose on average a stone a month, but your first weeks loss is usually your best as you lose water weight too. Make sure you drink a minimum of 2 litres extra water a day, and watch out for days 3/4 as that is when you may get headaches due to sugar and carb withdrawal.

    good luck on your start x
  4. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Hi Charlie, welcome to LT! I always get to choose how many of which flavours I want.
    Someone recently made the quote "The more you drink the more you shrink!" so I try and remember that when I don't feel like any more water! All the best and keep us posted on how you get on!
  5. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Good luck Charlie! Water will become your new best friend. I only have chocolate milkshakes :)
  6. samthompson17

    samthompson17 Full Member

    Omg teapot. All you have is choc. I love choc its my fav. My 2nd fav is vanilla. Strawberry seems to be lacking in flavour and the soups ok for when you want to feel like you've had a hot meal. Don't you get fed up just having the choc. I find it tough with just the 4 flavours. Pls if you ever get sick of it get the others it might be a palate refresher that you needed.
  7. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Hi Sam

    I've got to the stage where I don't think of LT as 'food' anymore. Just something I have 3 times a day, and for me chocolate is the best of a bad bunch. It's rare I feel hungry these days, and a glass of water usually solves it. I've had to have a week of vanilla this week as my pharmacy ran out of chocolate and I've just got it down as quickly as possible. Hopefully back to chocolate again tomorrow after weigh in :)
  8. samthompson17

    samthompson17 Full Member

    You are doing so well. I noticed your honk 100% days. 95 was it. Wow. I've just started to get into the diet properly now after 19 days. I'm so proud of myself for just getting to 4 days lol. I'd love to have the willpower you have. I'm not hungry anymore it's just cravings. I am told they don't go away. Mind over matter though.
  9. Jude1512


    I'm at the end of week two and starting to dislike the taste, particularly chocolate, they seem a little powdery/grainy after I have taken them, does anyone else have this? Do I need to mix with more water maybe? Anyone had soup or flapjack, I heard they are not too nice???
  10. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Thanks Sam

    The willpower is boosted when others on the forum stay 100%. I do think it gets easier to push the cravings away the longer you do it. Like now, when you've done 4 days 100%, and so proud of it, it's not worth messing it up. It's a great motivator to keep notching the days up, and the weight loss is the best that you can do each week and you're not cheating on yourself. Gives you strength to keep going to reach your goal as quickly as possible x x x
  11. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    I have noticed mine being grainy at the bottom this week, but never noticed it before - maybe it's a certain batch?! I have mine with 700mls so they are well watered down, so I don't think it's because you need to add more water. I like the soup, so does hubby, he has chilli flakes and stuff in his to add to the flavour. We haven't tried the flapjacks yet, I don't want to either, but he does, they just haven't had any in yet.
  12. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

  13. Jude1512


    Thanks, beginning to think I was making a fuss about nothing. I dont think I want the flat jack either but will probably see if I can try the soup.
  14. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

  15. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    How's it going??
  16. theretrochic

    theretrochic Member

    Hi everyone.

    I came across this thread when I was browsing through the site for success stories and inspiration. All your stories have really pushed me on to go ahead with the LT program. I visited my pharmacy today, collected the medical form and the dvd, and all going well my first day should be Friday.
    I have roughly 6 stone to loose to feel really good about myself. 10 stone 10 lbs is my goal weight, though if I have some success and get to that I'm sure I could push myself to shed the 10lbs too.
    I'm heading to Boston for the summer on June 1st, probably the first independent truly for me thing I've ever done and I want a new me to go along with it.
    I would also love to show my ex boyfriend, who broke my heart, disregarded me and the great thing we could have had because of my weight, that he's missing out on something amazing (I know I know, I'm doing this for me, not a man, but a bit of gloating would make me feel good too)

    I have 17 weeks to shed my weight, I'm being realistic, and know I might not reach my goal in such a short space of time, but I am definitely hoping to have at least 4stone down and be back in a size 10-12.

    I would love to hear any tips or motivations that keep you all going :)

    Lots of love and luck ladies and gents

  17. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

  18. Jude1512



    Welcome, I have recently started myself for the first time and have lost 1st in two weeks. I dont expect my losses to be as great in weeks to come but its a great start and motivation to think that it really can be done if you stick to it. I wont say its been easy because I am still wanting to eat each day but I dont and feel better for not doing it.

    I have not had any real challenges yet ie going out with others for a meal or drink so have not had to watch others eating or drinking yet. I dont know how families with children etc manage, hats off I say. The most I've had to do is stand in front of the hot food stall at the suermarket and say no to a meal my freind offered me yesterday. I know I will be really challenged when I go to my parents for the weekend. Its like home comforts and load of yummy food. Any way I'll deal with that when I get there but right now I am trying to keep the goal in mind and I'm always telling my friend "I'm in the zone" so even though I talk about eating, I do not intend to do so at this stage. Talking about it with others really helps I feel because you can get how you feel out of your system and be reminded why you are doing this.

    Anyway good luck and keep it up, its worth it just to see the llbs drop off.
  19. theretrochic

    theretrochic Member

    A stone in 2 weeks is absolutely fantastic! It really is weight losses like that that really spur you on and give you great encouragement to keep going, and avoid cheating I think.
    When you go to your parents at the weekend just remind yourself how far you've come! And how you don't wanna stop just yet.
    I was so pleased when I came across these forums because I know I can talk to others going through what I am going through.
    I've become so dependent on food from an emotional standpoint now that even taking the weight loss aside I know I need to break the connection I have with food.
    I have to have chocolate at night, or a yummy dinner, or a cooked breakie (eggs etc..) and its not healthy or normal in my eyes.
    I took a poke around River Island today though, and I spotted a dress I want. Size 8. I will get there.
  20. theretrochic

    theretrochic Member

    Oh believe me I will! We still talk as friends, so I'm hoping his jaw will drop when he sees my newer, smaller self. I'll gloat a tad, and then head off to Boston!
  21. Jude1512


    Thanks, I agree, I just love to eat cooked breakfast and all the things I remember from childhood when I stay at my parents its like real comfort except I used to run around a lot in those days. (Need to do some excercise I think) I dont usually eat the same when I'm at home and never used to eat like that about 10 years ago when I was around 10/11 stone. I obviously changed my patten at a stage in my life when I was not as happy or in control and started to eat comfort food all the time and not just when visiting parents.

    Any way we have made a start which is half the battle and like you said this website is fantastic for getting support, advice or just sounding off when having a bad day. I know people say you should loose weight for yourself this is true but it is also about how you want to portray yourself to others otherwise half of us wouldn't bother. I have not gone out before because I did not want to be seen at my size and I have also avoided some people when I have been out because I did not want them to see me. Thats not good for me or my self confidence. I know this is stupid but that how I felt. I dont believe anyone who is obese stating they are happy with their size. Excess weight is not comfortable and hinders movement in normal everyday tasks like tying up shoes or walking not even mentioning the health issues caused. The 1st loss has made a difference already ie less stomach in my way when I bend down.

    Sorry, having a moment, meant to say hope you can see your ex wearing your size 8 River Island skmpy dress, thats as good a reason as any to loose that weight and a great confidence booster. Good luck again.

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