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Im thinking about starting Exante


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Ive been healthy eating for a month now, so ive pretty much detoxed from all the carbs and caffine, so now want to make the leap to a meal replacing diet.

When starting, did you all buy the bumper pack? or try a few soups / shakes first?

Its a bit daunting spending the £100 on something im not sure ill like?
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I bought the bumper pack because I was committed to losing weight and I didn't want to wait. Some people only like shakes, others prefer soups, and most people like the bars. I really love the bars!

I like the shakes, soups and bars so the mixed bumper pack is a good choice for me. I drink the chocolate and vanilla shakes hot. I add a tablet sweetener to the chocolate and either coffee or a shake of cinnamon to the vanilla. Very tasty!

I add a dash of Encona hot pepper sauce to the soups. I am not mad on the tomato soup, but the hot pepper sauce disguises the flavour.

It's great you have cut back the carbs already because you should see a faster weight loss and it will help with the hunger. Try and drink 2-3 litres of water a day because that will help as well.

You can drink coffee on Exante. I drink weak tea (without milk). You can also drink Dr Pepper Zero and Coke zero. However you can't drink anything with citric acid in it, and that includes Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Zero.

Good luck with the diet. There are various threads on the Exante forums you might find useful like the February Challenge, the Easter Challenge, etc.



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I bought the weekly pack to start with, as I have never done a VLCD before, and wasn't sure if I could do it.

However, my bumper pack has arrived today, so I'm now committed for at least another month.

I'm loving this diet - I feel so good on it. The only thing I'm not keen on is the tomato soup, but like Julie2011 says, extra seasoning helps a lot! I use Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper in the soups, and extra sweetner in the shakes.


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I just started Exante today. I did toy with the idea of buying a week's worth, but it makes so much more sense to buy the mixed bumper pack!

I've decided I'm going to have a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a soup for dinner. So far the shake is what you'd expect, & I had an orange/choc ba for lunch & it was fine!

Good luck on what you decide to do.


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I felt the same! I bit the bullet and bought the bumper pack because it worked out at £25 per week for all of my food which is really good value. Other tfr diets are much more expensive than this and diets such as SW and WW still require you to do the grocery shopping AND pay a weekly membership fee. So the cost motivates me a lot. I promised myself that if I finished the first month properly, I'd buy myself a new item of clothing with the money I'd saved on food. As far as taste goes...I think the shakes are tasty, the bars are tasty (and convenient if you're out and about) and the soups are bearable. It took me a few days to get used to the taste of everything but I'm finding it all ok!
At the end of my first week I'd lost 8lbs and then I had a night out with people from work that I just couldn't get out of. It didn't affect my loss too badly, I'm now on day 17 and have lost 10.5lbs which I'm pleased with, especially as I've been laid up in bed with flu for 3 days now:jelous:
Good luck if you do decide to do it!


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Go for it! :D I have looked up so many post's on here & am joining myself and starting a week on monday. Looking forward to seeing more post's x


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I first off bought the mixed bumper pack. It's a great offer. Only problem is after trying all the soups there wasn't one I could stomach! This time I got a load of my favourite shakes when they were 30% off. I've enough for a couple of months so I'm a happy bunny!
Good luck with your exante journey xoxo