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india and neris idiot proof diet

Hiya everyone IM BACK. so Im officially PROPERLY starting phase one of this diet tomorrow. supplements already started but a week in had some minor hiccups so said id start properly tomorrow. its quite similar to atkins for phase one so said id come here for support for my first phase.

So anyway tomorrow will weigh in and do measurements. Would love some support so please help. xxxxxx
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I'm loosly following this too along with some Atkins. I find N&I easier to follow as it's not so strict. But then, I've not been on a proper induction phase so far as I've cheated a lot :D I'm pretty much just low-carbing... which is easier to say!

Good luck with getting to your goal
i really need to google the recipes from india and neris!

There was a pig to twig thread on the low carb forum, I don't know if it's still active though.


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pig to twig makes me wee when I laugh after reading it!

I tried to revive a lot of threads on that low carb forum including pig to twig, but no luck!

However like others I do still post there now and then.

I prefer Atkins to N and I because they reintroduce real chocolate etc in no time and I fear that some people might not have got over their cravings and might then slip back into old ways. So easy to do! Having said that it is an amusing book and if it works, fine.
Please keep away from that biscuit tin Linz, you'll feel sh*t afterwards - the pair of you go and drown yourself in diet coke or have a SF jelly and cream - that always fixes me :D
fell and fell badly i cant do it. i HATE it. sick of all the protein and feel like ****. gonna go back to weigtwatchers. thanks for support. x
most people feel ill with headaches and flu when they start atkins. but it does get better and before long u wont want any carbs and the weight will fall off.
how long have you been on it for?

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