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Had LL session last night and had locum as my LLC is on holiday!

RTM came up and I didnt realise that if your BMI isnt between 20-25 your unable to start RTM even if you've done your 14 + weeks!

I guess your BMI should really be at that anyway after doing the 14 weeks on foundation??

maybe its just me that didnt know?
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I didn't know that either Tracyd!
Our LLC has always said to move onto RTM when we feel ready, never mentioned that you need to be a specific BMI. I know you can do Lite if your BMI is under 29 so think I assumed it was the same for RTM!


yeah I knew about the Lite aswell.....Hmmm glad im not the only one then x
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Im not sure about that? maybe one of our more experienced members who have gone through the process can clarify.

But my LLC has stated all along that we set our own goals and once we reach our target we decide to go on RTM.

But it this way, my LLC knew all along that I was aiming for 14st. that will put my bmi at about 26-27 and she wants em to go on RTM when I get there.

The other guys who started RTM, very few of them got to healthy BMIs, and none did the full foundation to get to their target.

I think your locum is misinformed.
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Our LLC held no restrictions....whenever you wanted to stop the diet and do RTM was fine with her.

For one thing, some people have to stop for variety of reasons - health, finances, etc. It would not do LL any favours refusing them to continue on RTM as they would just put the weight back on - not a good advertising tactic. Plus they would lose money.

Perhaps the locum has it wrong?


yeah im thinking maybe she has that wrong aswell.....I will check with my actual LLC next week when shes back
Sorry Tracy, can't help with that one, I was abstinent for a year so foundation was only the introduction for me.
I'll be interested toknow the answer when you do find out.


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My LLC never had problems with anyone choosing to do RTM whenever they felt ready. Your locum has it wrong. You can't force someone to keep going until at least BMI 25 or DENYING them their right to do RTM which is vital. That's just silly. LL would be in a lot of trouble if they did that.

So no, don't worry. RTM is to be done when a person is ready. If your LLC says otherwise, then she's got the wrong info too. You have to remember, an LLC is a franchised individual - all of their "opinions" differ wildly. Some LLC's have never even DONE Lighter Life and had been thin all their lives! (Oh yeah, apart from the 1 week of mandatory LL week just to know what the client is "going through"). Some people are in it for the money. :)


Getting her sparkle back
S: 16st5lb C: 11st8.3lb G: 10st12.1lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st10.7lb(29.13%)
My LLC did LL and lost a lot of weight (can't remember how much) and she has kept it all off, and looks amazing. But her BMI is 27, she says BMI is only a rough indication and you should go by what weight you feel happiest at as everyone has different frame sizes etc.etc.


says the girl in the "NEW" SIZE 12, yes size 12 jeans :)


well my LLC was back off holidays this week so i asked her the question, and the locum had got it wrong re the BMI and RTM, LLC said obviously she would like a persons BMI to be around 23 - 24 before starting RTM but if higher she wouldnt say a person wasnt allowed to do RTM


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That's exactly what my counsellor said too when I asked on Sunday - just advised that as I approached my target to take it "half a stone at a time" it may well be that I stop above the healthy BMI but if I'm happy with my shape and how my clothes fit (and given the fact that I've exercised throughout I'm hoping I will be!) then I can go into RTM when I feel ready regardless of what the scales say :)

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