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Interview Clothes

I have an interview coming up in a couple of weeks, and none of my smart clothes fit anymore!
It's for Project Management, within a relatively small translation agency.

I really need some inspiration as to what to wear to the interview - it needs to cost as little as possible too! I think I'm about a size 16 (poss. 14 on top) at the moment, all my 18's are massively big, but I don't really have any smaller clothes

I hate shirts, and being pear shaped they look horrible (more so at the moment because i seem to lose weight unevenly - loads off boobs then eventually a few weeks or so later the hips catch up).

I think I want to avoid a suit jacket too, I can't really afford to get a well fitting one at the moment, plus I begrudge it because hopefully it won't fit for long anyway!

What would you wear?
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Well done for getting the interview...fingers crossed for the job...

What to wear - do you have a smart pair of trousers. I personally like trouser suits, but you said no suit jacket. BUt you can get a really good pair of trousers and match it up with a top - it doesn't have to be a shirt, but I don't know what you call it, but a t-shirt type thing, but obviously not a t-shirt for an interview. Then wear it with high heels as this will give you height and make you feel taller and thinner...alternatively, there are loads of pretty summer dresses out there....if you can find one that fits you could go with that - but make sure it's smart enough...

Good luck and let me know how you get on...

I've got an interview tomorrow, and I'm wearing a pair of smart-ish trousers that I already own and a new top and jacket from Matalan.

The jacket is grey, and it's a nice shape with a bit of pleat-y type detailing on the back - cost £25.
And because the jacket and trousers are grey, I got an electric blue mock wrapover top (also Matalan) for £6. They also had the top in coral and lime green. I can't wear blouses because my boobs are too big, and the buttons pop open! :lol

I'm a bit annoyed that I've had to pay £25 for a jacket that I probably won't wear again, but maybe I'll wear it to something, and at least it wasn't too expensive.


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Tescos!! I managed to buy a black skirt for £3.00 at the weekend, and a matching suit jacket for £7.50.


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I would personally go for a suit and the last one I brought was from George at ADSA but that was a while ago but I don't think it was too expensive.

Another option is how about a black shift dress, with a top underneath in colour that suits you. Do you know the sort I mean, like a school pinafore type dress.

I know what I mean but I am not explaining it very well.

Another option is a friend of mine buys loads on ebay for a pound or two. I have also been told today about selling clothes on ebay which I hadn't thought to do before. Maybe if you do have to buy something new you can sell it afterwards.

Good luck with the interview, whatever you wear!
Thanks for all the ideas! :D

I really do have nothing that fits properly at the moment - and to be smart I think the most important thing is that it fits well - even if I'm not overly keen on it!

I went shopping this morning - I seem to be between sizes with trousers at the moment! Nightmare! The regular sizes fit, but are way too long. The petite ones fit really badly over my hips, but I need these for the length (yep I have to wear the petite length even with heels :( most shops are still too long without)!

It's looking like I'm going to have to go with a dress (I'm thinking similar to what you mean Suzy! - I've seen one in next, which fits well, but is a kind of browny colour - which I'm not sure on, but may go with that) or a fitted skirt. Even a fitted skirt that fits is apparently difficult to find - the ones I've tried so far fit my hips but are massive on my waist.

I've decided I just need to find something that fit's well and go for that.

I hadn't even thought about Tesco + Asda or Matalan, the one I go to doesn't do clothes will be heading there next!
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Sugar, well done on the interview, I hope you get it!

If you're pear shaped, I would wear a nice fitted skirt, perhaps high waisted if you find it difficult to fit your waist. A nice dark colour, maybe a charcoal? Even black works, it won't accentuate the bits you're trying to hide and it'll look flattering. Nothing too clingy tho mind!

As for the top, I think you should do a nice colour. A nice green perhaps for your light/red headed complexion? That's usually good for that kind of tone. Anything like a cardigan with a smart top, or just a fitted v-neck jumper with a nice necklace?

As for shoes, either heels or just pointy look nice.

As for the suit thing, if you had a jacket that's kind of like a trench coat, like double chested? That could look smart too. I just bought one from H&M for 20 pounds (was floating in old coat).

Anyway, hopefully some of this will be handy.

Oh also, a nice handbag is good :) Girls notice that.

Good luck! x
Peachy something like that sounds great! Has helped solves the blank I was having over what type of top other than a shirt could go with a skirt.

I'm liking the idea of either that or some kind of dress, have given up all hope of finding trousers to fit at the moment!

The coat thing is a great idea. You reminded me that I actually have a nice mac type coat, which is nicely fitted. I'd forgotten about it because it was tight when I bought it and never quite managed to slim into it... :D it fits! So weather depending, I'll either wear that or a smart cardigan over whatever else I manage to come up with when I next go shopping.

Hmmm, now I just need to find it!

Rachel - you must have had your Interview by now? Hope it went well :)


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Rachel I hope your interview went well today.

Sugar, if you found something like I said at Next, did you try it on and how did it look? If you are not keen on the colour have you looked at their website to see if they do it in other colours. Also look at the websites of the supermarkets to see what they have.

I have the same problem with trousers and skirts so you are not alone with your pear shape.......

Peachy, thanks for the comment about the handbag. I had never thought about that before and I will bear that in mind when I next have an interview.

I do try to remember to make sure my shoes are clean and polished!

I also take an extra CV in my bag as sometimes you have to complete their applications and I can never remember exact dates / years of jobs etc.


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I always take a copy of my CV too, and if I had to fill out an application beforehand, have a copy of that with me..and the job spec....it all helps and makes you look prepared and organised!

Clean shoes is also a good piece of advice - good thinking Suzy...



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Thanks Happy!

any luck with an outfit yet?

You also now have a list of do's for your interview...... I hope all our comments have helped.
No luck as yet Suzy, but I do have a better idea of what I want!

You've all helped loads :) Thank you!
Will take an extra copy of my CV with me, and I'm spoilt for choice with all my shoes so at least that's one less thing to think about.

I've ordered a load of things online, so just need to wait for them to arrive now! Failing that I can't go shopping again until monday, after my essay deadline, so you may have to wait until then but I will update when I find something :)


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Keep hunting sugar fiend, and as you say at least you've got the shoes ready - a very important part of the outfit...

Do you have questions that you want to ask your future employer? Its always good to have some ready and to have done research on the firm...

Good luck
I would normally make a list of questions, but it's a slightly usual situation really.

For a few months last year I worked for a translation agency in Germany on my year abroad, who had a partner agency in the UK, which was in the process of being set up with a few very experienced translators. My job, (in germany) was to basically organise and set up a graduate trainee programme in translation for UK graduates, and contact/advertise it to the English Uni's, with the view that the German agency would then have more translators available to them.

So at the time I was already in regular contact by email with the English agency, and now they're interviewing me for a project management position in England.

It's a new role (they don't have any project management yet). So I can ask the details about that, but I already know lot's of the answer's to the usual stuff you would ask.

It's all generally a bit weird - I think my old boss is basically nagging the english boss to find something for me because originally they were talking about training me as a translator, but have now decided that they need a project manager more!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Wonderful, I'm glad I could help :)

Suzy and Sugar-no worries!

Good thinking about the cv. I actually got a nice, clean and new black folder type thing to put my cvs in so it looks smart. I even put a blank pad in there with a pen, so I'm uber prepared. People like that.

Sugar-Good luck with finding it all. I just thought that if you're pear shaped, you can do something more extravagant on top to even you out. Something like a big necklace, a silky top or if you have a smaller chest, a big embroidered collar will make you seem more proportionate. If you're short also an open neck will give you the illusion of being taller.

Anywho, look at me, I'm like Gok Wan or something haha. Just passing on tricks that I've picked up along the years. You have to work with what you've got and if you don't have it, you can always try and fake it :)


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Suagr, that sounds great - so the interview is really for you to see if they've got anything that would suit you - if they already know you then at least that helps and puts you ahead of the game...

Peachy - I could do with someone like you around - I never know what to wear or not wear - I'm, quite hopeless like that - stick with the same old stuff to be safe. I'm hoping when I get to target I'll be more impressed with clothes and braver with it!



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Peachy I think I need you to help me get my party dress for my 40th as I want to IMPRESS!!!!

I love your idea of "faking it!"

Like Happy I hope to be able to do more with my wardrobe soon as I get closer to target but I have just lived in jeans and baggy tops for so long it wil be changelling to find out what suits me and what doesn't!

Sugar if they are looking at creating a role for you then they are already impressed with what you have to offer! Good luck and let us know how your wardrobe shapes up for this.

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